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The Forgotten Side of the Business Card

I call the other side of a business card, the forgotten side because many people still don’t realize the potential it has. Which can be used as effectively as the front of the business card. It’s a great place to add extras, enhance your message or anything else you may come up with. I have received many business cards and I always look on the back, it’s become a habit actually. Plus when I’ve given out my business card

The Forgotten Side of the Business Card

s, the person always looks at the front and then flips it over, it’s like a reflex. From all the business cards I do have none of them have utilized the other side; all I see is a blank space, screaming ‘use me please’.

Due to a business card being of a small size already, by not using this extra free space available, you either try to cram every detail on the front or you compromise by leaving details off. To be honest with you I used to do exactly the same thing because I noticed other business cards did it. I would have continued to do the same if it was not for the internet’s wealth of information. When I started reading about how effective using the back of your business cards could be, I started to get loads of ideas of how to best use that side to better my business message. It’s not going to hurt your business unless the information is meaningless and not relevant.

Look at the back of your business card as a clean canvas to experiment with. There are many ways you can use this space effectively. Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

• add 1 or 2 months of the calendar
• show a product image with some details
• list the services you offer
• a list of your best selling products
• your tagline
• A joke if your business deals with humor in someway
• A fabric sample
• If your business sells paper, print on some of the papers then on the back you could use quotes like ‘feel the texture, feel the quality’ or ‘If you like what you feel, give us a call’.
• A discount offer
• A free product sample ‘quote this code xxxx to receive yours’

The list could go on.

Anyway like I was saying the ideas on the back of business cards is really endless. It offers every small business owner more free advertising space to stand out from the crowd, to be remembered, to be different even if it’s in a small way. Whatever you decide to put on the back of your business cards, make it relevant to your business, don’t just put anything on there to fill up space. If you really cannot think of anything then it’s best to leave it blank.

Ideas for your business cards

Do you really keep the business cards you receive, or do you merely collect and throw away? I always keep the business cards I am given and I collect from where ever I see them available. I use them as free business design ideas; you will be very surprised on the vast variety of business cards around. It allows me to see something I would not have otherwise thought of. If you don’t already, start collecting them, they are valuable for an insight into how other businesses use their business cards to get their message across.

Carry your business cards EVERYWHERE!

Your business cards are your free way of advertising your small business and potentially getting that next customer. Leaving your business cards at home or at the office isn’t going to help your small business whatsoever. Always, always carry them with you, I cannot stress this enough, you never know who you might meet in your day to day travels. Each and every morning check you’ve got your business cards like you would check for your front door keys.

Carry a good amount the more you give out the more people will know what you do and what you can offer them. Don’t be afraid to give 2 or 3 business cards to one person, they can pass them on to other people in their social or business network. You don’t know who your next potential customer will be, but if you give them the means to able to contact your business, you will be ready to serve them.

Summing up

Your business cards are a very important part of your small business’s advertising activities. Giving them out let’s others know who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. Always have your business cards with you put some in your wallet or purse, in your glove compartment in the car, in your briefcase or even your laptop case.

Don’t limit yourself to whom you give them to and ask for theirs.

Give away at least 2 of your business cards, and when doing so just mention if they could pass them on to anyone they feel would benefit from your product or services. Let others help spread the word about your business it’s free.

When you’re given a business card don’t merely put it away without looking at it, be professional and read it, flip it over and read the back (that’s if it isn’t blank:)). It shows the other person you are interested in their information and in turn they will do the same to your business card.

So get giving and if you don’t have any business cards get making or buying.

If you don’t mind putting in the work for your free business cards then make your own free business cards is right up your street. All you need is computer, printer, paper and the Microsoft Publisher program (which should be part of the Microsoft Office package).

Don’t want to do any more work and are happy to pay a little money then low cost business cards is your way to go. I will show you some places on the net where you can get your business cards without any effect needed. Or check out my list of free business card template sites, a little typing and clicking involved but that’s about it.


In the comment below share any ideas for the back of business cards. Think outside the box and be creative.

Janet Walker has been a designer & internet marketer for over 16+ years. She established her creative biz on the 1st page of Google (+ other search engines) within a year of being online. Which led to international media coverage. Her analytical thinking, marketing know-how & break-it-down methodology, allows her to naturally align strategies, & more. She’s become the go-to for individuals, small & sought-after business leaders in various industries.  JWGInternational’s core is to empower, elevate & support those using their Gifts to impact others.

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