Hi ya, I'm Janet

I'm a multi-faceted mother of 2 boys & the driving force behind JWGInternational HQ. Where I work with Creatives, Makers &  Small Biz Owners.

Through various areas such as but not limited to passion marketing, business growth, monetization, marketing strategies & more. This is seen via content shared here, across my social platforms & via the creative community.

JWGInternational is also the umbrella for other projects, that stand alone such as a black greeting card/gift business, black business directory, affiliate marketing just to name a few. These projects are classed as lifestyle products fulfilling a need in the gapped market.

My journey so far

I graduated

with a bachelor’s degree in Design Studies & Electronic Media.  From leaving University I worked as a Graphic designer for a year then transitioned to a freelance designer thus becoming my own boss.

Cancer broke my world

At the same time, my mom was going through breast cancer for the 2nd time. I planned to start my greeting card business. The idea appeared after creating a black greeting card for her for mother's day. However, my mom lost the battle to breast cancer and it tore me apart. I couldn't pursue my greeting card business any longer, so I walked away from my passion, not knowing what I would do next.

Life threw me a curve ball

Seeing a gap in the Black hair care industry market where I lived. I jumped in & opened the 1st Black hair & beauty store in my town. I had entered this new business without knowledge of the industry and yet grew a successful business over 4 years. After that, I went back to pursue my greeting card business.  I was stronger, wiser now & I had my 1st child to put through school.

My greeting card business opened more opportunities than I would ever imagined

This was the business that helped me find one of my online natural talents. With 14 years of online experience, back in the day when I  had no Facebook or Twitter to help market my business online. This is how I fell in love with SEO, affiliate marketing & traffic generation. I learned everything I could & continue to do so. The online world is consistently evolving, & I need to know how my businesses need to change to stay current.

I shocked myself & my competitors

Within 6 months of launching my business, I overtook my competitors on the first page of Google & other search engines. My competitors were online 3 years before my business even existed. I saw them in the media, & getting interviews, while my business silently took prime location on Google 1st pages. This is when I saw the power of online marketing from an affiliate marketing perspective. The knowledge and experience. I learned was invaluable, now I never stop learning, and I've passed this on to my boys. Knowledge is power, it opens our minds and many doors.

I'm multi-gifted thanks to my creator

My love for creating projects for different niches, especially the ones that run on autopilot is truly a blessing. My skills & experience has allowed me to help many business owners, from different industries and with different problems. I also have a natural ability in listening to people's skill sets, hobby or experience and help them monetize it. I seem to be the go-to person for solutions & I'm happy to serve, it's part of my DNA.  I am truly honored to be able to help people build a blessed life. While I also continue to create a beautiful blessed life for my children, thanks to my God-given gifts.

Self Worth, Self Growth, Knowing Thy Self

I have learned many hard lessons in life that have made me wiser, more passionate, more forgiving, more emotional yet stronger. I have a very supportive nature, I know there are many more lessons good, bad and ugly to learn but this is what molds my path of awakening.

Share, your thoughts, questions, dreams, and aspirations, via comments, email or community group & you WILL be answered.

I look forward to inspiring you.

My Mantra

Be Passionate, Be Focused, Be Blessed ™ helps keep me grounded, stay on my given path and is a reminder that God is on my journey with me.

B Passionate B Focused & B Blessed

Janet xxx

But wait...

Before you go browsing my site

I want to say

If you read this far you are amazing. Just wanted you to know 🙂

The Bio written in the third person

Janet’s a multi-faceted, multi-focused creative entrepreneur & a mother of two amazing boys. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Design Studies & Electronics Media. From leaving Uni worked as a Graphic designer for a year then transitioned to a freelance designer thus becoming her own boss.

Janet Walker is an avid supporter of small business owners, carving their own path to business greatness. She understands the many paths positive & negative that can rise up from running a business. She has helped many small business owners get pass the many  “I’m struggling with” phases & the “I can do everything myself” phase to help them move forward confidently, focused, & less overwhelmed.  Janet will be "all up in your business" in a good way to help you at every step of your business journey.

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