Greetings, I'm Janet

I’m a creative, multi-faceted, passionate soulful being,

& the driving force behind JWGInternational HQ.

First, it’s about You

You are here because you have skills, knowledge & experiences that you want others to know about.  Whether you came online with a plan or not, the internet brings vast opportunities to help you serve others with your gifts. 

I’m here, to share ideas, solutions, and tools, but most of all help you be intentional & focused.  There’s a learning curve ahead for your business journey, but you are courageous enough to do it.

What I do does not define me

But in today’s society that needs titles & definitions, here goes:

I’m a Creative Strategist, whose been helping others share their gifts since 2004.
I’m my creator (my thought-idea- manifesting into reality starts with me)

My Passion

Is to help others live an abundant life. So their work becomes the joy they do daily via the skills, experience & knowledge they have attained on one’s life’s journey so far. Thus becoming the light that impacts & transforms others. 

More to JWGInternational

JWGInternational is also the umbrella for other projects, that stand alone such as a black greeting card/gift business, black business directory, and affiliate marketing niches just to name a few. These projects are classed as lifestyle products fulfilling a gap in the market.