Greetings, I'm Janet

I’m a creative, multi-faceted, passionate soulful being,

& the driving force behind JWGInternational HQ.

who is Janet

Since 2004 I’ve been using the internet to create products, services & communities to serve others. I went from graphic designer to freelancer working for the same company & tripled my income.

Ready to start my next online venture thanks to my moms reaction, but then I lost her to breast cancer. I left the online world broken, so saw a gap in the market and started the 1st black hair & beauty store in my town, paving the way for others to follow. 4 years later an overcoming my grief and loss I started my online venture, within 1 year out ranked my competitors.  I’ve also  created websites, graphic packages, detailed product SEO reports to marketing strategy plans. I run multiple websites while working with people from different industries including  tv contestants & winners like Britains Got Talent to The Sewing Bee to award-winning motivational transformation coaches. Each parson I connect with is an amazing experience.

Over the course of many years I have noticed that  each area had something to do with products whether at art college, design at uni to my own creative businesses. An marketing which is the vehicle to get the word out about it. Products and marketing I enjoy and seeing the fire light up in others when I see the unlimited potential they now see is why I do what I do.


With a no-nonsense business approach and unparalleled creative analytical mind, the way she gets genuinely excited, enthusiastic, and passionate when delivering her business and life advice is powerful & will touch you deeply.

What I do does not define me

But in today’s society that needs titles & definitions, here goes:

Product-Based Marketing Consultant
Creative Marketing Strategist
Internet Marketer

My Passion

Is to help others live an abundant life. So their work becomes the joy they do daily via the skills, experience & knowledge they have attained on one’s life’s journey so far. Thus becoming the light that impacts & transforms others.