Greetings, I'm Janet

I’m a creative, multi-faceted, passionate soulful being,

& the driving force behind JWGInternational HQ.

First, it’s about You

Don’t be shy you know what you are good at (if not we soooo need to talk). It’s not easy learning, trying, figuring out what to try next, while getting more people to see your products or services. Then making sure people remember you and your business.

Of course, don’t forget to actually produce your products. Eating, sleeping, running the home, that full-time | part-time job, oh and breathing, let’s not forget that one. I get it it’s a lot and you didn’t plan for all of this when you thought “I want to start a business and sell my passion to the world”.

That’s why I’m here. I want you to enjoy your business, & love telling people about your products.

I want you to share online from a place of “I do love what I do, I want to tell everyone” instead of “I don’t like feeling salesy, I hate talking about my biz”. When you market passion & heart as the foundation, it doesn’t seem so hard.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s a little thing we’re forgetting, many don’t know you exist, YET!

So, we have a little problem.

We want people to know about your business. I know it’s not easy putting yourself “out there” trust me this is coming from an introvert. However, it’s something you need to do. So let’s make this happen!

Introducing JWGInternational

Through various areas such as but not limited to business monetization, clarity, growth, digital marketing strategies, product diversification, personal development & more. This is seen via content shared here, across my social platforms & via the creative HQ.

JWGInternational is also the umbrella for other projects, that stand alone such as a black greeting card/gift business, black business directory, affiliate marketing niches just to name a few. These projects are classed as lifestyle products fulfilling a need in a gapped market online.

What I do does not define me

But in today’s society that seems to need titles & definitions, here goes:

I’m a Marketing & Focus Strategist. I help people share their gifts with the world. Via using simple, overlooked ways that get better over time. I naturally align marketing strategies to fit your business, your skillset & unique traits.

My Purpose

I’m passionate about helping others live an abundant life. To see the potential they have via packaging their skills, experience & knowledge they have attained on one’s life’s journey so far. In ways that align with their unique qualities.  Thus becoming the light that impacts & transforms others.

The Bio written in the third person

Janet’s a multi-faceted, multi-focused creative entrepreneur & a mother of two amazing boys. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Design Studies & Electronics Media. From leaving Uni worked as a Graphic designer for a year then transitioned to a freelance designer thus becoming her own boss.

Janet Walker is an avid supporter of small business owners, carving their own path to business greatness. She understands the many paths positive & negative that can rise up from running a business. She has helped many small business owners get past the many  “I’m struggling with” phases & the “I can do everything myself” phase to help them move forward confidently, focused, & less overwhelmed.