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You will see keywords, hashtags, everywhere.
Love’em or hate’em they do a job, which is to help people find something.
You use keywords to find stuff online too, right?
Well if you are using keywords I betcha your next customer is using them too.
Help your potential customers out, so they can find your products easier

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Hiya I’m Janet,

As you can tell I’m about traffic | content | marketing resources, to help you spread your business online.  When I’m not in business mode (which is hard not to be) I’m being creative, making a mean green juice or busy in my polytunnel growing vegetables.

Through my content, products & Creative HQ, I’m blessed to share guidance, ideas, actionable tips, tutorials, tools & aha moments to help you in your business.

There are way more things I can do for you, but if I share it all now, how can I surprise you later!

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My pattern sales have really picked up and I think this is due to your suggestions. You helped me zero in on what small steps I can take to make my business move to the next level. I now look forward to your e-mails and blog posts. I love your site, You really have a great way of breaking things down to small steps that really seem to make a difference.


When you think you’re stuck on anything, any idea or think your ready to throw in the towel she is there with her God-given wisdom and technical mind to make it work for you! Do Not sit and stew and think you’re alone, just get a hold of Janet Walker and the rest will flow from her mind into a real working component! Give her your trust, she deserves it!

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