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Greetings, I'm Janet

I help business owners find the processes that fits their business. People want what you offer. It’s your mission to get discovered by them, so you can make their lives better. I’m here to share ideas, provide solutions, and equip you with the tools you need, to market your business effectively. Most importantly, to help you stay focused and intentional. See me as your head cheerleader without the pompoms & short skirt. When I’m not in business mode (which is hard not to be), you’ll find me blending fresh juices, delving into research, creating, or busy in my polytunnel growing veg. read more here


Check out the blog for topics that can help your biz. Or apply a howto from a course or e-book to quicken your business growth.

Join The Creative Tree Society where we’re a bunch of genuine humans, banding together to create ripples of change – in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

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The Creative Tree Society

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This society embraces you the business owner, & your personal life. We understand that both are entwined. We in the Creative Tree Society want to get to know YOU. We welcome people from all industries and levels. We are not just a business group, we are a society of real people living and working to make change, in our lives & others.

Real Talk

I’m a person who loves her space, alone times, peace, protects her energy & continues to work on her inner self.  So it no surprise to me that people have opened up to me behind closed doors sort of speak. Live  1-2-1 sessions are not for everyone. I’ve helped many that started as a question and then turned into a deep conversation.  I’ve been honored to be a part of transformations, from the light I lit at the end of the tunnel when businesses were too close, to tears of joy when the realization becomes apparent. Yes, my email list/newsletter is where I share business information. But it’s also the way you can reach out & ask your questions. See my email list as the old-fashioned way of sending letters without having to lick the envelope or stamp (iki) So pop your details in the boxes & let’s talk

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Beautiful Words from Happy Clients

Deep gratitude

I cannot express the deep gratitude that I have for you taking out the valuable time you took to record a response to my email. WOW!!! You gave a great deal of truly wise and valuable information to me! Will listen to this recording several more times to let it all soak in my heart and mind! I definitely really think about and write down my PRIMARY goal and how to go about it strategically.

Yvonne Carson Artist, Author

Think you’re stuck

When you think you’re stuck on anything, any idea or think your ready to throw in the towel she is there with her God-given wisdom and technical mind to make it work for you! Do Not sit and stew and think you’re alone, just get a hold of Janet Walker and the rest will flow from her mind into a real working component! Give her your trust, she deserves it!

Monica Mcgahan

I wasn’t using social media

Social media was not something I really used due to the nature of work I do. Janet’s approach to educating me on how to use social media was in-depth and educational. Her knowledge in this area is second to none and her passion shone through in regards to how she conducted the consultation. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who wants to raise their profile on social media.

Mark Haugton  MLM

You don't have to see the whole staircase, to take the first step
Martin Luther King