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Being in business & wearing all the hats is a learning curve. But so is life, we don’t know what’s a round the corner. So learning ways to get traffic, market your products, showing up as an introvert or using content to connect with your audience is apart of doing business. The fact you are here reading this means you are determined & willing to do what it takes to get your business out there.

I fully enjoy traffic, marketing, researching and product based businesses.  Not good at small talk, showing my face, introvert in the house. However I’ve done well to lean into my strengths and leverage them to my advantage. Your in the right place to learn who to do the same. While getting people knowing about your business. Your products are needed, it’s action time to share your Gift with the World.

Yes, I’m about organic traffic methods, guerrilla marketing (uncommon, unconventional) plus marketing strategies. That’s entwined with my creative thinking, research, some tweaking and a whole lot of action taking to help us get more traffic that’s targeted.

Getting people to discover your products is the plan. Understanding the process that works for you is what we’ll get to. Your products being the solution or transformation for someone is your goal. Enjoying the process so it turns from work to play is the journey.

I share ideas, solutions, aha moments, insights & the tools you need, to market your business effectively. Most importantly, to help you stay focused and intentional.

When I’m not in business mode (which is hard not to be), you’ll find me blending fresh juices, delving into research, creating with Ai & paper, or in my polytunnel growing veg. read more here

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As person who loves her space & continues to work on her inner self.  Its no surprise to me that people have opened up behind closed doors sort of speak. I’ve helped many that started as a question and then turned into a deep conversation.  I’ve been honoured to be a part of transformations to tears of realizations. See my email list as a way to send me a letter without licking the envelope or stamp (iki)

The Gallery of Beautiful Words

Deep gratitude

I cannot express the deep gratitude that I have for you taking out the valuable time you took to record a response to my email. WOW!!! You gave a great deal of truly wise and valuable information to me! Will listen to this recording several more times to let it all soak in my heart and mind! I definitely really think about and write down my PRIMARY goal and how to go about it strategically.

Yvonne Carson Artist, Author

Think you’re stuck

When you think you’re stuck on anything, any idea or think your ready to throw in the towel she is there with her God-given wisdom and technical mind to make it work for you! Do Not sit and stew and think you’re alone, just get a hold of Janet Walker and the rest will flow from her mind into a real working component! Give her your trust, she deserves it!

Monica Mcgahan

I wasn’t using social media

Social media was not something I really used due to the nature of work I do. Janet’s approach to educating me on how to use social media was in-depth and educational. Her knowledge in this area is second to none and her passion shone through in regards to how she conducted the consultation. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who wants to raise their profile on social media.

Mark Haugton  MLM

who is Janet

Since 2004 Janet’s been using the internet to create products, services & communities to serve others. She went from graphic designer to freelancer working for the same company & tripled her income to running the 1st black hair & beauty store in her town, paving the way for others to follow. She’s built websites, graphic packages for varies industries, product-based SEO reports to marketing strategy plans. She runs multiple websites while working with clients from different industries including tv contestants & winners like Britains Got Talent to The Sewing Bee to award-winning motivational transformation coaches.  With a no-nonsense business approach and unparalleled creative analytical mind, the way she gets genuinely excited, enthusiastic, and passionate when delivering her business and life advice is powerful & will touch you deeply. 

Greetings I'm Janet Product-Based Marketing Consultant •
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You don't have to see the whole staircase, to take the first step
Martin Luther King