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You’re passionate about the products you create & you are building a business around it, that’s pretty amazing! But here’s the thing if people don’t know about your business we have a problem. With many ways to get traffic to your business, being unsure of the howtos is o.k. I will say though,  the ones that are – introvert approved are my fave.  Someone wants, desires your product, let’s help them find you. The world needs what you create!

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Greetings I’m Janet

I’m a multi-passionate-creative,

Enjoy doing n reading Design, SEO, Traffic Marketing, Paper Craft, an hoarding collecting a resource, or 2. Interested in the craftsmanship & traditions around handcrafted products.

As a creative, I like actions that get better with less effort over time. Which lets me focus on current projects while helping others do the same. I’m able to weave my way online & then retreat to my quiet space offline (introverts get it) thus letting my work do the work!

Through my content here, on the inter-web & my products, I share tips, advice, ideas, resources,  & aha moments. To help you share your gift to the world.

I’ll leave you to have a browse, & I’ll get back to drinking my fresh juice, reading, or busy in my poly-tunnel growing vegetables. still, want more?

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