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Black Friday Marketing Tips

2019/11/29 00:00:00

Ready to get your piece of

the largest shopping event of the year. Where billions of £ and $ are spent over just 4 days


  • Get clear on what to do & not to do
  • Know your options for choosing offers for your business
  • How to use incentives to get the sale first
  • How to get sales before Black Friday begins, while getting more sales with less effort

Greetings I’m Janet,

A Creative Business Owner, Marketing & Focus Strategist, whose into SEO. I share traffic, content, marketing tips, ideas & aha moments to help you monetize & market your Gift. So you can live your blessed life.

I do things differently. I’m not online 24/7, yet my content & site work as if I am.  I analyse websites way to much & research big brands. There are way more things I do, but if I share it all now, how can I surprise you later!

When I’m not in business mode (which is hard not to be) I’m being creative, making a mean green juice, reading, watching repeats of Scorpion, Elementary or busy in my polytunnel growing vegetables. 

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