An Online Marketer is your Core

Whether you sell your own or someone else’s product, or service. Or you have a blog or creates content you want to get monetised you are an online marketer at the core.

Yeah, there are different titles to call yourself, depending on your career/skillset, product, service or creative title generating skills. However, if you’re using the internet to promote your thing then you are an online marketer at the core. Striving to be seen constantly in this online digital space.

With many ways to get seen (aka getting traffic), it can get messy figuring out where to start, what to try next, or how to pivot with new ways & platforms when it comes to marketing. Nevertheless, you believe in what you do & someone needs what you offer whether they realize it or not.  It’s your mission to better your online marketing efforts to help people discover you. So you can start impacting their life.

Greetings I’m Janet

An online marketer since 2004 using the interwebs to get traffic that connects & converts. Around here we talk about content, with a sprinkle of keywordSeo, your unique qualities & how when combined can bring people (aka traffic) to your products | services. Through my content, products & Creative HQ, I share tips, guidance, ideas & out-the-box thinking to help you better your online marketers hat.

When not in business mode, I’m reading, creating, watching craft, making a mean fresh juice, or busy in my polytunnel growing veg.

Your business means a lot to you. See me as your cheerleader without the pompoms & short skirt.

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