Greetings I’m Janet,

A creative creator, a digital marketer dedicated to helping you share your gift with the world. So you can help others while living your best life.

I’m not online 24/7, yet my content, websites & products work as if I am. You gotta love the internet. This is the reason I get excited about marketing online.  Through my work I share ideas, advice, experience, tools & aha moments to help you leverage this digital stage we call the internet. So you too can utilise its many opporunities, to share your gift with the masses.  An if some of that happens while your away from your phone / laptop or even while your asleep so be it!

When I’m not in business mode (which is hard not to be) I’m making a mean green juice, reading or busy in my polytunnel growing vegetables. 

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The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit

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In this amazing free ebook kit you’ll learn how to market 3 important things about your business with ease & consistency  You only have 24hrs in the day, use it wisely & efficiently.

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