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You’re passionate about the products you create & you are building a business around it, that’s pretty amazing! But here’s the thing if people don’t know about your business we have a problem. With many ways to get traffic to your business, being unsure of the howtos is o.k. I will say though, it’s great when people find your business, instead of you chasing them.  Someone wants, your product, let’s help them find it. The world needs what you create!

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Greetings I’m Janet

I’m a creative, multi-faceted, passionate soulful being. Whose graphic, niche-finder, web design, SEO, affiliate marketing enables me to have a set of unique skills. When combined help me to market my businesses & projects differently while showing small business owners how to do the same. The fact I also enjoy hoarding collecting a resource, or 2, researching people’s past to present online journeys & handcrafted products is simply me being me.

I align with activities that get better with less effort over time. Using the online space in short bursts then retreating to my quiet space offline (introverts get it) thus letting my work, well, do the work!

Through my content here, on the inter-web & my products, I share tips, advice, ideas, resources,  & aha moments. To help you share your gift to the world.

Have a look around & I look forward to connecting with you. I’ll get back to drinking my fresh juice, reading, or busying myself in my poly-tunnel growing vegetables.

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