People are looking for what you've created

You’re passionate about the products you create & you are building a business around it, that’s pretty amazing! But here’s the thing if people don’t know about your business we have a problem. With many ways to get traffic, being unsure of the howtos is o.k. Someone is either looking for a product, like yours. Or needs it to solve their problem, they just don’t know it yet. Either way, it’s your job to help them to know about you.

Greetings I’m Janet

This site is here to give you the marketing howtos, tools, and self-belief to create a business you’ll love to share.

Marketing your gift shouldn’t feel forced or overwhelming but there is a learning curve. I’ll help you with content, traffic & aligning with activities that get better with less effort over time. Through my membership site, courses & free content, I share tips, advice, ideas & aha moments, to help you share your gift to the world.

When I’m not working or thinking about marketing, I’ll be reading, designing, or in my polytunnel growing veg. read more

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