6 Links to use on your Link Tree

Before Link Trees, we only had that one link.

Now link trees allow us to open that 1 link to other link options for our interested public.


6 links to use on your link tree

Now just because we now have access to many more links we still have to be thinking in terms of  “helping” the user & not “confusing”.

Many people are using link trees and if you take a look at them, it can be easy to just copy what links they are using.

What you have to think about is your audience, your product or service & what call to action do you want your audience to take action on.

This can be trial and error. Seeing what links works best with your audience.

In the video, I share what is a link tree because this may be all new to you.

I also share the 6 links your Link Tree should have.

However, you can add more depending on your audience’s needs and your content & products | services. The video goes into more depth on each one below

  1. Special offers, what’s new or what’s just in. This link will be updated on a regular basis
  2. Share your bestsellers via a link directly to them
  3. Links to your different categories of products you sell. Look at it as a menu list
  4. To your opt-in page for your email list
  5. Have a link to your blog.
  6. A link to your website, especially if you sell your products on a 3rd party marketplace




If you have a link tree, what links do you share on yours, tell us in the comments below?

Janet Walker helps individuals & business owners share their Gifts. Via different traffic methods, SEO - keywords, adding or expanding into digital products & exploring ideas. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow, making a mean fresh juice or busy in her garden growing vegetables.

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