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28-ways-drive-traffic to your business

28 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Business

Add these 28 ways to get traffic to your marketing to-do list. If you are not doing these you are missing traffic opportunities.

Longtail Keyword Training – Product Based Business

Longtail Keyword Training
£27 v £47

Learn the right way to find and use longtail keywords to boost your products and website, so potential buyers can find you.

product-keyword-formula- video training

Product Keyword Formula

Learn how to find targeted keywords that people are actually using. So you can name your products & put them online.

Schedule Instagram 101
£7 v £7.77

Use Instagram for your business & don’t let it use & overwhelm you. Start taking control of your time, while still serving your audience.

Business Breakthrough Management Plan

Business Breakthrough

Getting clarity in your business. Overcoming challenges – situations that are stopping you from progressing

52 weeks of blog posts-handmade business

52 Weeks of Content for Handmade Businesses
£7 v £47

The struggle is over on what content to create for your creative business blog.
Solve the ” I’m stuck on what to share”. Get ideas for your new blog.

The Repurpose Content Vault
£27 v £47

Learn how to double or quadruple your content sharing by using your existing content. Your content is your key to more sales, make it work for you.

Link Me Live Pic Package

Link Me Live Pic Package

Start directing your audience to your offers & websites without interrupting your live streams.

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