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You know you have to share content consistently to help people know, like & trust your business. So creating content for your blog is always going to be a part of your marketing. Staying ahead of yourself is the best way to avoid pressuring yourself to put out mediocre content at the last minute.

You want your content to be the best it can be, as it represents your knowledge, expertise & business. The best way to do this is to research, plan and draft your blog posts. As you know your time is valuable.

I’m a lover of Seo & Keywords so those important elements to help the search engines find your content are added. Plus it helps you focus on the main content while having those important keywords you want to rank for in mind.
Remember you write your readers first.

Also, I’ve added on the cover “Name of Blog” as you may guest post for other blogs (if not you should) or run multiple blogs.

See I got you covered!

You will receive pdf files for you to print out.


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