Link Me Live Pic

Live Streaming is serious business. Share your links like a pro, and never forget your Call to Action again.

Share your social media links with your audience. Make it super easy for them to follow you. Gone are the days, when you ask your viewers to type in your website links. Or worse hold up pieces of paper with your links written on.

The Link Me Live Pic helps you share your links in a professional yet easy way. Use your Link Me Live Pic at the beginning of your live stream, in the middle or at the end as part of your call to action. I want you to focus on engagement not on sharing your links the old way.

Elevate Your Live Streams with Professional Link Sharing

Your Link Me Live  pics is very versatile, especially when you are live streaming while on the move.

Link Me Live Pic Package
  • In the pack, you will receive:
  • 5 Main Link Backgrounds
  • 5 Call to Action Backgrounds
  • 13 Official Logos
  • Canva Video Tutorial
Link Me Live Pic Package