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Service: Marketing, Social Media Session

Social media was not something I really used due to the nature of work I do. I have for many years stayed away from using social media however following being introduced to network marketing I began to realise that social media was a good way of building an business. However, prior to speaking to Janet Walker I only used Facebook and was not using it to its full potential. I would mostly post pictures of me attending events and putting the odd quote on Facebook.

I had a 2hr consultation session with Janet in which I learned so much in regards to the importance of not just showing the business you are involved in but about importance of showing your own lifestyle. Janet’s approach to educating me on how to use social media was in-depth and educational. Her knowledge in this area is second to none and her passion shone through in regards to how she conducted the consultation.

Since the consultation, I now have the knowledge of how to set up my business page on Facebook and have been provided with other useful websites to access tools to use on Facebook. I have also found it useful being educated on how to use other forms of social media e.g Linkedin, Periscope. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who wants to raise their profile on social media and will do so with people who I work with in the business I am involved in.

Thanks Mark Haugton 

Services: Marketing Session & Web Development

To Miss Janet Walker, CEO of JWGInternational.

I contacted Miss Walker for help and advice, and what I received was much more! Not only did I get the valuable necessary information and advice needed, I also got which is very rare from others….. her passion for what she does, and what she believes in. Not only did she explain what was needed, she put me at ease on not only how I could use the information, but also how it will benefit me. Because of her expert, no-nonsense advice, my company has took on a whole new lease of life…as well as more clients!

I would 100 percent recommend JWGInternational to anybody who wants to increase sales and feel like you’ve taken a new, clean breath of fresh air into your company.

Thank you, Janet Walker, Thank you JWGInternational

Mr Conrad Brissett/ Ryoku Mindset

Service: Business Consultation & Clarity Session

My thoughts before I asked Janet for help: As a first time entrepreneur, I was facing lot ot question for which I had no answers. Prioritizing and making my head clear on which direction to take first was very difficult. That associated with some sort of fear made me procrastinate a lot and as a result I was not moving forward …
I then decided to reach for external help

After I had Janet’s help I felt less lonely; I felt someone strong and with an outside view of the situation who was able to tell what I really needed and who was not afraid to tell me things I was not really ready to hear . This give me courage and strength in my actions.

So following the discussion with Janet, I made a plant, clarifying what was my final aim. I should’ve started with this from the very beginning but sometimes you want to take shortcuts and in the end they just delay you. Diverting you from your real aim ! Now I have my goal clearly in my head and every step I take is made to make that goal real.

“I clearly know that I do not want to compromise with what I really want, otherwise this whole entrepreneurship does not make any sense. Following Janet’s group in Facebook made me also realize that I was not alone.  I am not the only one struggling and that it does not make sense to do that .


@janetwalkergi and thank you so much for dropping those very helpful tips. Yea I sure will .

BeadsByDez ‏@Heavylover

Service: Business Breakthrough Management Plan + Social Media Tracking Strategy

I was very relieved to have found someone who truly wanted to help me with my hurdles in growing my business and understanding in the best way of staying focused and organized!

I was overwhelmed, in a good way, when I received all of the documentation that was provided in the way of goals, organization, weekly “to do” list (my favorite) and how to own my store name and business in general! They have become integral tools for my success…

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with so many things on my plate; marketing, branding, website, inventory, budgeting – I was able to categorize everything and get a clear picture of how to manage my time efficiently. After having only starting my business less than a year ago I have successfully created a responsive website, gained great following on both my Facebook and Instagram accounts, increased sales in my Etsy store and have gained repeat customers!

I am truly grateful for your gracious contribution to my success, it was exactly the push and assistance I needed when I started out. I feel if I would not have found your site and been given the tools you gave me I’d still be overwhelmed with all it takes to grow a business, or worse, I would have quit by now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Maggie Mae,

I had a great time learning from you in blab today. You gave me great insight how to take my business from point a to z.

Kreakyjoints @kreakyjoints

Service: Web Development

Before your help I was completely stalled out. I wasn’t able to move my business forward because I didn’t understand the tools I was “using” and you were able to bring it all together for me. I feel now I have actually have a place to start. I still have a lot of work to do, but now I have a solid foundation from which to build.

This experience has helped me realize the talents of others. Sometimes it’s hard to rely on someone else – it makes you vulnerable and no one likes to feel vulnerable. You were patient with me and all my questions and you quietly and calmly guided me to right where I need to be.

Kathy Skorstad

Thanks! And thank YOU for your encouragement and for sending that calligraphy video so long ago. That’s where it all started!x

Lori Logan Vance @APositiveCurl

Awesome website. I just rewrote my home page and ordered some photography props, learnt so much! Thank you so much for sharing x

The Jasper Tree @thejaspertree

Service: Business Consultation Program + on call 1-2-1 (over a 5 month period)

I have been working with Janet for a number of months, from before I opened Camdens Hair salon to where I am now entering my 4 month since opening.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions from elation to utter repair at times when things are not going your way. The benefits I have found from this service is that I have someone to talk through the issues and at the end we always find some kind of solution. She breaks everything down so you can digest it more easily, and the actions she sets you are realistic and reachable. A lot of her ideas do not require a big financial investment if any which is great as that is what I have little of at the moment. Most of all is her positivity, her belief that I can achieve the success but it takes time. I recommend this service to anyone who is feeling a little lost about what they can do the get more sales or people through the door, get recognised, talked about.

So thank you for your continued support.

Miss Ford – camdenshair

Service: Web Development & Business Consultation

Janet is an amazing person who has a genuine heart for helping people in their business! She has been blessed with the talent of receiving an idea I have and turning it into a doable concept. She’s extremely patient and knowledgeable with setting up websites and can get it to a perfect state of elegance and user-friendly.

When you think your stuck on anything, any idea or think your ready to throw in the towel she is there with her God given wisdom and technical mind to make it work for you! Do Not sit and stew and think your alone, just get a hold of Janet Walker and the rest will flow from her mind into a reality working component!
Give her your trust, she deserves it!

I give her high recommendations to help you with what you need from her! I thank God every day he put Janet in my life to help me with my business.

Thank you Janet and many Blessings which you deserve!
Monica Mcgahan

Service: Brainstorm Session

Being a new business it takes time to get the word out, you can send out fliers and set up social media pages but then what? For a hair salon word of mouth is most important and when you don’t see people coming through the door then what? You ask Janet!

So taught me not to focus too much on the where I want to be but to handle where I am now and what I can be doing now that is different.

She gave me simple actions to do, deadlines to get them done by. She thought outside of the box, from ways to collate data to how to reach a target market. Informed me of events that I should be attending to increase my profile. We figured out my key objectives worked towards those.

I’m thoroughly enjoying working with Janet as sometimes this is a lonely road and you just need a sounding board, its just a bonus that she is a very helpful one at that.

Thank you Janet

Miss Ford – camdenshair

we are doing our best! Working hard, long hours! But we love it! Your tips have really helped me with our social media-thx!

Lovingly Made @lovinglymadeltd

Will always remember your kindness when first got on here. Gave me heart to continue regardless of other things in life. Thanks x

My Little Workshop @alittleworkshop

Service: The Tailormade Traffic Action Plan

I loved your e-mail response. It felt very personal to MY business and not just any business out there. That made be feel like you really looked at my questions and had some very practical suggestions on how to make my business better.

The e-mail contained lots of suggestions on how to integrate several different platforms, i.e., Pinterest, blog, and Etsy into a cohesive whole. You took the time to find all my different sites including Ravelry and the others. I felt very honored that you would take the time to find all this and then offer suggestions on how to make them more inviting to the customer. Thank you. I am still implementing some of the ideas such as setting up a Pinterest board to show how others have made my patterns, the response from customers has been excellent. I have started doing more frequent blog posts, and I have started to see the response from that.

My pattern sales have really picked up and I think this is due to your suggestions. You helped me zero in on what small steps I can take to make my business move to the next level. I now look forward to your e-mails and blog posts. I love your site, You really have a great way of breaking things down to small steps that really seem to make a difference.


thanks for your marvellous tips and advice 🙂

Gold Vermeil Jewelry @GoldVermeil

Service: The Tailormade Traffic Action Plan

I’ve been slowly making the changes you suggested. I’ve have more views in my shop and have received several orders in a row. So, things are getting better.

I was not reluctant in any way in asking for help. I thought it best to seek out assistance from experts, like yourself. I appreciated all of your assistance and expertise on marketing and felt that you really took the time to help me in my efforts to sell more items. I began to research the keywords, look at other sites and start making changes.


Thanks so much for the follow! Love your creative business tips.

Hatty @HelloHatty

Service: Clarity, Focus Sessions

I just wanted to share my thoughts on lovely Janet over at Janet has been such a great help to me, over the past year, so this is my way of giving a little something back.

I first connected with the lovely Janet over a year ago now, and we have kept in touch ever since, and here is why? Janet is a warm, friendly, genuine person, and a great listener, who is always willing to help. Janet has been a great help to me personally for my little business, with her warm friendly words, you feel you have known her for a long time. We all have those times when our ideas, tasks, anything to do with our business don’t always go to plan, trust me I know about that one, her passion for your business to succeed is truly wonderful.

Janet is quick to help with advice, links, encouragement, and drive to keep you going. There is not one thing I have asked Janet about, that she has said ” I don’t know” to or “sorry I can’t help you with that”. Janet never asks for anything in return, all she wants is for your business to shine when you have the pleasure of connecting with her, you will see how natural this comes across. If you own a little business or are thinking of starting one, Janet is a great port of call.

So Thank you, Janet, for everything you have been a blessing. I will leave you with one of Janet’s quotes. B Passionate, B Focus, B Blessed.

Lisa Martin (Founder/Owner of Uneek Flair)

I am inspired by @best2kis and her ebook aimed at creatives.

Pearletta Wilson @DivineChoice