Prepare • Promote • Profit

Promote your Products & Boost
Revenue in Only 10 Days with ease.
Over the largest event of the year, Black Friday

The marketing sales kit is going to help you prepare, promote & profit, at a time when people are already ready to buy.  Once every year these 4 days see a record amount of money being spent.

Position your business to capitalize on it. You only have a small window to get it right. Then just like that, it’s all over.

Don’t be like many and wonder how you can get your business involved in this event then realise you’ve missed your chance.

Businesses that have a strategy, have an advantage
over those who just wing it

If you have blindly made it through before,

Make this year your year to Prepare • Promote • Profit

The Black Friday Marketing Kit, teaches you everything yo need to crush this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Be confident in knowing what you are doing.  Takes the guesswork out of the way, to help you put the pieces in place and be ready for the 4-day event.

rinse & repeat each and every year

The great part about The Black Friday Marketing Kit is that you

get to rinse and repeat it each and every year

To make sure your business is ahead of those similar in your industry

You are able to Prepare • Promote • Profit each and every year

You only have a small window to get it right

This course includes

  • The Webinar replay

a 37-page guide containing:

  • 15 image posts for social media, blog & emails
  • 10 tall image posts for Facebook & Instagram stories
  • 3 Social Large images
  • 7 Email for 2 Email Sequences – for the lead-up to the event
  • + a Bonus Email
  • 7 Messages for 2 Message Sequences – for social media
  • 1 Message via App – Black Friday
  • + Bonus
  • Hashtags for Black Friday
  • Keywords for Black Friday
  • Hashtags for Cyber Monday
  • Keywords for Cyber Monday

*The fine print (which is actually big enough for you to read without squinting): The information you’ll learn is meant to be used for businesses that have an audience, email list. These actions may be simple but still requires work. This Kit is specifically for handmade sellers, shop owners, and e-commerce stores with existing businesses. Absolutely no income claims are made or implied.


Refund Policy: There are no refunds on this product as it is a digital product