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7 Ways to get Traffic to your Creative Blog post After you Hit Publish

7 ways to get traffic to your creative blog post after you hit publish

Your new blog post needs traffic. Now's the time to start promoting your content because if you don't noone else will.

Where do you plan to share your new blog post? Do you have a process already? Whatever you do to promote your new content see if my 7 ways can add to your marketing efforts. As the more ways, you can market your content the more people who can read it.

In this video, I share 7 ways to get people seeing your new blog post.

These include the following:

1: Your Email List

2: Share 5 times on Twitter the same day

3: Use Pinterest

4: Share on Facebook your business page

5: Share on Linkedin

6: Use Google +

7: Comment on 5 blog posts


If you don't see the video below click this link:

Now you know my 7 ways to promote your new blog post can you share a way you promote your content with us? There are so many ways that knowing one more can help us increase our business reach.

Share your comment to continue the conversation, I'll see you below...

When sharing your suggestion, feedback or insights, you are very much helping others on a similar journey as yours. We don't all have the answers but when we pull together and help one another, its truly a blessing.

I appreciate you for reading, watching and joining the conversation. I'm super happy you are here sharing your wisdom and truth with us all.

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