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How Social Profiles can help Customers Trust your Creative Business

How Social Profiles can help Customers Trust your Business

You work hard to market our creative business, helping people find your products. Yet have you ever thought what if a potential customer just isn't sure about your business?

You do all you need in your business to make it professional and customer friendly. However what about if they don't trust you as a new business to buy from.

What can you do to help potential customers trust you enough to buy from your creative business?

In this video I share just that, it's easier than you might think to help build trust, why because we are a social society.

These include the following:

1: Using 4 social media sites to build a profile

2: These are Facebook (Business & Personal Page profiles), Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram

3: When people search for a name or business name in Google, their social profiles usually pop up first

4: This helps you and your business get found by those researching your business

5: It helps build trust as you have a social presence. Even if you don't use them all consistently.

6: Simply make sure your profiles are filled out fully and professionally. Remember it represents your business.


If you don't see the video below click this link:

Now you know how you can help build trust in potential customer researching your business. Tell us below other ways we can help build that trust factor.

Share your comment to continue the conversation, I'll see you below...

When sharing your suggestion, feedback or insights, you are very much helping others on a similar journey as yours. We don't all have the answers but when we pull together and help one another, its truly a blessing.

I appreciate you for reading, watching and joining the conversation. I'm super happy you are here sharing your wisdom and truth with us all.

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