How Social Profiles can help Customers Trust your Business

You work hard to market our creative business, helping people find your products. Yet have you ever thought what if a potential customer just isn’t sure about your business?

You do all you need in your business to make it professional and customer-friendly. However what about if they don’t trust you as a new business to buy from.

What can you do to help potential customers trust you enough to buy from your creative business?

In this video I share just that, it’s easier than you might think to help build trust, why because we are a social society.

These include the following:

1: Using 4 social media sites to build a profile

2: These are Facebook (Business & Personal Page profiles), Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram

3: When people search for a name or business name in Google, their social profiles usually pop up first

4: This helps you and your business get found by those researching your business

5: It helps build trust as you have a social presence. Even if you don’t use them all consistently.

6: Simply make sure your profiles are filled out fully and professionally. Remember it represents your business.


Now you know how you can help build trust in potential customers researching your business. Tell us below other ways we can help build that trust factor.



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How Social Profiles can help Customers Trust your Business

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hiya creative so I want to share with you today and why you need a social
profile even if you don’t really use it for your business it’s pretty easy to
get online and so people think that when you start a business online it’s like
pretty easy to like share you information you know offer your products
to people and people are gonna be happy to just take them on if their wallets
and then share it with you as a business owner and it’s not the case you’re not like Amazon or Ebay or big
companies who have had the marketing budget to really put themselves out
there and beat everywhere and create over many years and trust and like
factor for people to be able to trust them enough to say you know what they
will part with their money without giving it a second thought if they found
something they really want as a business owner and a small business owner with
that you need to gain their trust before they’re gonna part with their money it
is kind of the same as if you think about even though you’re a business
owner you are also a customer of somebody’s at some point and have you
thought twice before parting with your money to work with the business so what
usually happens is people will go up and search when you’re online that’s kind of
the habit the process you do to find out if this business is real if they’re
gonna like if I give you my money are you actually gonna send me the product
kind of thing so they’re gonna actually use social media but then they use
Google search so the first person they’re gonna go to more than likely
he’s gonna be Facebook and they’re gonna do a search for your name on Facebook
whether it’s your name or whether it’s the business down they’ve come across
your website if you’re on it see of folks your own marketplace it’s not it’s
a bit linear because your business is branded under Etsy yeah
business but you actually branded on the Etsy and folks in red opal and all these
other marketplaces so if they’ve already brought from those platforms they’re
calling likely still buy with you but they will still be a bit hesitant
because you are new business on it to them but they also know that if anything
goes wrong there’s someone that can go to they know they can go above you and
go to itse itself and usually hopefully Etsy will sort out you can go to Amazon
you’ve already got a seller that you’ve got issues with say with eBay but you
know if anything really goes wrong and the cell is not working with you they’re
not helping you you can always go to the head of it and eBay can always go to the
head of Amazon so there’s always people above these sellers who you know you can
have the help sort yourself out get your refund get the person sent to you
whatever the situation may be when you’re the business owner and you’ve got
a website you don’t have that they don’t have that a both person that can go to
for help if the perk never comes or there’s issues with the ordering or
there’s a miscommunication do you they are just literally talking to you the
business owner on the website so obviously you want to make it as simple
as possible you want to make it as easy as possible for them to trust you for
them to realize that yeah you can do business with me and it will be okay I
will look after you so having a social presence is very important because it
shows that you’re real you’re out there so I just want having a Facebook page a
very much a facebook profile personal page just to show who you are what
you’re about and have that personal connection in some way shape or form
allows people to gain trust in your business and then hopefully for them to
park with them will need to actually you know become a lot customer of yours so
even though you may not use social media or you might just use one platform very
much I would say is creative have a Facebook personal page which is
something you we should have to click with your friends and family if they’re
on there too very much have a facebook business page and Twitter is very
important to you may not you may struggle with what to share
that’s for another video but having a teacher present is pretty quick – going
to unite because when you do a google search and you put someone’s name in
there you will kind of see their ookshelves or profiles so if you put a
name in your see people’s Twitter your sister people’s Facebook if they’re on
Instagram if they’re on LinkedIn you’ll see it on this social proof just through
Google search the first page which is kind of helping people to identify that
this is real this company’s real and yeah I want to go up with deeper and do
business with them very much fling your bio for all these platforms which really
detailed who you are what you offer and where you offer it and these platforms
help you give you great backlinks but it also shows you that this person is
taking the time to use it sort of platforms to build awareness for their
business and that’s the important part of being in business you want to build
awareness and even if you’re not using say Instagram as your main marketing
platform it still costs you nothing to  fill in the bio as soon as you can
because there’s that one person who might just happy to find you on
Instagram you know and then when I check out your business so it’s very important
to utilize these four platforms Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram just even use
a profile section to help people research you and then give them peace of
mind that yeah you’re okay and I’m be happy to share my money with
you and order from you so thanks for watching I hope this teaches food for
thought I’m Janet Walker and until next time be passionate be focused you

Janet Walker has been a designer & internet marketer for over 16+ years. She established her creative biz on the 1st page of Google (+ other search engines) within a year of being online. Which led to international media coverage. Her analytical thinking, marketing know-how & break-it-down methodology, allows her to naturally align strategies, & more. She’s become the go-to for individuals, small & sought-after business leaders in various industries.  JWGInternational’s core is to empower, elevate & support those using their Gifts to impact others.

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