6 Ways to get your old blog post re-read

6 Ways to get your old blog post re-readYour content is the way to help people find you online, when they don't know about your business yet.

It's important you re-use your old content to help new people read it.

Plus help those past readers remember you again.

These 6 ways I share below will help you do just that.

They are simply to achieve and will be quick to implement.

But will help your old blog post get a new least of life.

If you don't see the video below click this link: https://youtu.be/L5-igDVvH8w

Yes 6 ways to help your old blog post to get reread. Which ones are you already doing? Which ones will you start taking action on, let us know below.

Janet Walker helps small business owners share their Gift. By simplifying Getting Traffic | Blogging for Business | Content Creation | Monetizing your Skillz. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow or making a mean green juice or busy in her polytunnel learning how to grow vegetables.

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