How to know, find & talk to your Target Market

Target market. I bet you’ve heard those words a few times around the interwebs.

Anybody who is a bit confused about the target market, I’ll try to give you an adjustment on the target market and how it’s useful for when you’re blogging and speaking to your audience. The target market – you’re going to hear all of the plays. Everybody’s very much in the target market. I am per se, but for me like I keep on saying is people are everywhere, people are traffic, and there’s a potential customer in everybody, but there are some very easy target market people that you can identify with.

If your business is in a niche, it’s very easy for you to talk to your audience because you kind of know who they are already. Well, there’s some products that you might create that fall into different niches and people have different interests, different likes, dislikes. So it’s kind of hard to figure out the exact person who would like your product. This is what it’s called a target market because when you know precisely who that person is – what they like, what they dislike, what stuff they’re reading, where they’re hanging out, what blogs they read, what websites they go to, what shops they go to – that kind of thing. Then that means you can really speak to them on a level because you kind of know them inside and out.

But in this society, we are so different that somebody who’s into motorcycle riding could also love knitting, but yet someone who’s raving about knitting or creates a product on knitting wouldn’t necessarily think of someone who rides a bicycle and a motorcycle. So from a business perspective, it can kind of be hard to pinpoint who your exact target market is and because of that, that’s when a lot of people kind of fall and don’t know how to speak to their audience.

So I’m going to give you an idea of how to figure out your target market. Some of them are really easy, but when it gets hard I’m going to give you an action that you can do that will help you speak to your blog potential customers just by doing this simple action. So first of all, I had a user, a client who used leather and she created light leather bags, leather belts, and her killer was she created custom leather motorcycle seats. Oh god, they were gorgeous. I’ll gotta remember that. And literally when I saw her products, my brain went into overdrive and I’m like, oh god, she can tap into this market, she can tap into this market, she can tap into this market, but she wasn’t ready and I could tell she wasn’t ready for her, where she wasn’t a business. Anyhow, yeah, so she made custom leather motorcycle seats, were for who. I thought people who own a motorcycle, motorcycle enthusiasts, that’s her target market, that’s who her potential customers are.

Also on her blog, she could literally be talking to motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle owners, people who may not have a motorcycle, but know someone in their family who does, so that would be the ideal gift to buy them. I’ll get a custom seat, credit for them for their 20s, for their 50s, whatever it is. So that’s how she could speak to an audience for her blog. Also, there are loads of shops out there that sell motorcycles, so she could literally go to a motorcycle shop, ask them can I take some pictures of some of your motorcycles, I create custom motorcycle seats and I just want to use the image of say this motorcycle ride about and actually give some ideas on what I would create as a custom seat for this thing. They would be up for that, why? Because you’re plugging their business and why you’re plugging their business, you’re actually plugging your business which is creating custom seats. So that was a, that would have been a great way for her to use her blog to talk to people who are in the motorcycle needs.

Now I also know the client who created ties, now the ties were men’s ties but they were kind of funky, so her and who she would talk to would be the kind of probably the smart dude, the smart guy using an office, you know who’s got the runniness, he’s got a big puppy, he’s got a big entrepreneur, he’s very much likes the clean, kind of style but also likes to have a little something a little bit quirky or some a little bit of attitude that could come through his tie. So she could talk about how her design of a tie could fit with a tailored suit, she could look at designer suits and say oh this suit from Gucci would fit well with this design tie that I created last year, do you see? So what she’s doing is she could use that are all out there and then fit it to her design. So that’s a way you could talk to her target market via her blog.

Now the harder ones are say you create, you create skirts, handmade skirts, most women wear skirts, so that’s where that niche is like huge, so who do how do you talk to people on your blog? So then if you look at your skirt is it for the old generation saying that some of the old generations are cleaning it now with their funkiness? So is it for the old generation? Is it for teens? Is it for children? You know? Is it for going out? Is it like for not really a special occasion? Is the kind of kind of skirt? Is it for like church? That kind of skirt? Is it just for you know a casual go for a shop? And that kind of skirt? Then you have to start breaking down your product to kind of fit the category where that person would kind of wear your product or use your product.

That’s when you try to kind of get into the mind of the person. Well here’s an easier way because like I said it can get hard when you look at your product and you’re thinking well who can really, who can I really talk to through my blog about my product? And what someone likes as it is like as an interest may cross over to another area but from a business perspective we might not think of that crossover. So the best thing I would do is find big stores, famous shops that sell products similar to yours.

If you create skirts and you know say Liberty London if you’re in the UK probably not living too long in this or if you’re in America say oh no I don’t have a known. I’ll put a name on here. There’s one block. I can see it in my head, the block, I can’t remember it. Right so if your skirt is kind of like what’s something that Liberty London sell or this one America sell then what you do you go and go and check out their blog and see what they share because the customers, the people who are reading their blog and if it’s the products that look kind of like what you create then the audience who are reading that blog are kind of your audience too.

So you can go and check out that blog, see what they share via their blog, how they speak to their potential customers via their blog. I’m not saying copy it because that would be their work and not you. You want to come true through who you are and what you do and what you create but it’ll give you an idea and how to structure your content. It’ll give you ideas on what to share so you can share that on your blog. So I’ll just look at businesses out there that do a similar thing to you so you can help you flow when it’s time for you to share your content to your potential customers who come to your blog.

That’s a way to speak to the people who are on your blog better than just speaking to everybody hoping that somebody will catch onto something and resonate. You can’t have to speak to someone who’s really interested in the content, the products that you create because then you can structure all your topics and subjects around the process that you create and then relay that back to your potential customers. So hope that, to how to talk to your target market will help you to reach out to your target market, to speak to your target market and help your business move forward through your blog.


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Janet Walker has been a designer & internet marketer for over 16+ years. She established her creative biz on the 1st page of Google (+ other search engines) within a year of being online. Which led to international media coverage. Her analytical thinking, marketing know-how & break-it-down methodology, allows her to naturally align strategies, & more. She’s become the go-to for individuals, small & sought-after business leaders in various industries.  JWGInternational’s core is to empower, elevate & support those using their Gifts to impact others.

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