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Can you share 1 goal you have set for 2015 and why?

 Question 10 of 10

Q10 - share 1 goal you have set for 2015 and why?
Share 1 goal you have set for 2015 and why?


You know I’m all about setting goals no matter how small or how big. I love to hear people’s goals because you kind of get a glimpse of how they are thinking and what they want whether that’s in their business or life.  Lisabellah, Jane, Barry & Anne share there’s below.


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I have many ideas swimming around the funny little place that is my brain. I can’t wait to get making them and trying new mediums. I would love to start thinking about my own website. I hope By Lisabellah continues to grow in the way it has because to do something I adore and it supporting my 2 gorgeous little ladies is amazing and I’m lucky.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here at BL HQ (my lounge, kitchen, bedroom lol) dreams I hope I will be able to realise soon.


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To prove to myself that I can make a full time income from my business. I have created a vision of where I want to be in a years time and how I plan to get there. I have broken this down in to monthly goals and so far I am on target.


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I’m always setting goals for myself but I think at the top of my list at the moment is to launch a new baby clothes range that I’m doing in partnership with a friend.


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The main one is to get the website finished – it’s been in the works for more than 2 years and it’s been horrendously frustrating so knowing we’re in the home straight now is wonderful. We’re incredibly excited about it, actually. As much as we love Facebook and Folksy (and we’ll stick with both even once the website is visit-able) it’s never felt very safe knowing we’re not in control of our own network.

Having a website and blog means there’s no go-between or intermediary between our customers and us – that makes our business feel a lot more secure.


Share 1 goal you have set for 2015 and why, in the comments below.


I would love to thank  Lisabellah, Jane, Barry & Anne for sharing their insights, knowledge and experiences. I hope you have learnt a thing or to from them that will help you in your business also.

This post is part of a 10 week interview round-up. This is question 10. I interview 4 Top Best-Selling Folksy Sellers of 2014 who share their business insights & experiences for success. You can read the introduction here. Follow along & also share your answers to the questions in the comments too, along with your shop’s url. Catch up on the past questions: Question 1  Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6 Question 7 Question 8 Question 9

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