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Here’s a method to help you be Productive & Focused

How is your work management? Are you productive & focused when it comes to working on your business tasks? Or does it start out super great but by the end of the day you are stressed out, worn out, or even burnt out.

Here’s a method to help you be Productive & Focused


Getting work done shouldn’t be stressing you out. Especially if it’s work that has to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Let’s get you from stressed to blessed

A great help is to-do-lists. However, the problem is when most people use to-do-lists they overload them with everything that needs to be done. Your mind then sees all these tasks, you start overthinking, & start stress out.

I use my to-do-list each evening before bed, and, if I can’t, get to it I’ll simply use a piece of paper. The aim is to know what I plan to be working on the next day from the night before. Instead of wasting time planning my tasks for the day. Of course, this process has nothing, I tell you,  nothing to do with me being able to use cute papers and pens, honest. So here’s how I use my to-do-list and see if it helps you get more done too.

  • Get your chosen to-do-list (info below) and in the evening assess how your day went.
  • Then write down only 1-3 tasks for the next day.
  • No more, if one task is a biggy break it down into small tasks, so it fits into 1 – 3 tasks.
  • The next day tackles the 1 – 3 tasks and when you’re done, you’re done!

Meaning you don’t do any more tasks unless you’ve done some family jobs firsts. The whole point of completing your business tasks is to allow you to manage time, work on your products & services for your biz, and to do your family jobs, which are apart of life. Of course, you can do more business tasks but they are now bonuses.

Take Action:

In a nutshell here’s how it goes down
In the evening, assess how your day went
Write down another 1- 3 tasks for the next day
Do only those tasks on the next day
Anything after that is a bonus
Yep, that’s it repeats the process


If you can leave your weekends free for family and self-care time, that’s even better.  But still add family time and “me time” as it’s very important, you don’t leave them out.

Here’s a to-do-list I created simply drop your details below & download yours for free

To get your Daily Task List worksheet so you can track your tasks.

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To get your Daily Task List worksheet so you can track your tasks

Share below what you use to help you manage your time?

Janet Walker has been a designer & internet marketer for over 16+ years. She established her creative biz on the 1st page of Google (+ other search engines) within a year of being online. Which led to international media coverage. Her analytical thinking, marketing know-how & break-it-down methodology, allows her to naturally align strategies, & more. She’s become the go-to for individuals, small & sought-after business leaders in various industries.  JWGInternational’s core is to empower, elevate & support those using their Gifts to impact others.

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