If Folksy closed your shop, what would you do next and why?

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Q8 - What would you do if Folksy closed your shop?
What would you do if Folksy closed your shop?

Having your business at a marketplace does have it’s advantages. However one of the biggest disadvantage’s is that you don’t have total control. So if your shop or business was closed down what would happen. Being prepared with your own place online is a great start, but many don’t think that far.


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I do have plans eventually to open my own website and run it along side my Folksy shop. I do also trade through Etsy and a few other avenues so I would simply advertise these more if Folksy closed my shop.


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Hmm.. Not sure. I often wonder whether i should set up my own online shop off my website. I am not clear how much Folksy brings me extra trade versus loosing trade from people who don’t want to click through from my Web site.

I would need to investigate this and choose either a competitor of Folksy’s or create my own shop.


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Argh, panic! There are other online market places but I’m lucky in that my work is pretty established and has a small following so I would have to look into setting up my own e-commerce solution.


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We’d stick with Facebook; we’d carry on building the website and we’d put more effort into our Etsy shop. We do have an Etsy shop but we stopped using it after a couple of days. I do think about going back to it sometimes but I’d be concerned about keeping track of stock if it was listed in more than one place at a time.


If you use a marketplace like Folksy, what would you do if your shop was closed down? Share in the comments below.


This post is part of a 10 week interview round-up. This is question 8. I interview 4 Top Best-Selling Folksy Sellers of 2014 who share their business insights & experiences for success. You can read the introduction here. Follow along & also share your answers to the questions in the comments too, along with your shop’s url. Catch up on the past questions: Question 1  Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6 Question 7


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