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Share 1 challenge in your business and how you are overcoming it?

 Question 7 of 10

Q7 - Share 1 challenge you have in your business?
Share 1 challenge you have in your business?

There’s always a business challenge to deal with or overcome. They never disappear they just change depending on who you are, your business  and many other factors individual to you. I get emails all the time about this question.

What it shows is that we are human and we all have to deal with something at sometime. Its how you deal with the challenge is the key.   See what Lisabellah, Jane, Barry & Anne have to say about there challenges..


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My main challenge is that I work from home and it’s me and my little mini me’s. I do find working 50ish hours a week a challenge around my girls and there never seems enough hours in the day. They help as well, especially during busy times, they are 10 and 7 and already are extremely involved in the business, we are a little team.

I work from school drop off to pick up and then from their bedtime into the night but I never find it a chore 🙂 I get lost in my own little world. I do find it gradually taking up much to much space so my main challenge ahead is to perhaps convert my garage into my very own studio.


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I have recently taken the plunge and gone full time with my business. I am currently trying to work out how best to scale up what I have been doing part-time for several years.

Everything I have been dabbling with suddenly becomes very important to get right. Pricing, Social media, where to sell, what to make etc. I have a business advisor provided free through my local authority who is proving invaluable in this process.


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Lack of space! My business started out as a hobby and has slowly grown from a dining room table operation to overtaking the spare room and now it’s outgrown that.

I’d still like to be based from home so I’m looking at having a purpose built studio built in the garden.


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My shyness has been a real challenge: we’ve turned down some extraordinary opportunities because I was too shy to go to one meeting or another… I do often think about the things we’ve turned down and I regret some of them dreadfully. But I’m consciously trying to change and am making myself say yes to more things like that.

A big craft magazine visited with a photographer recently and a few months ago I would have given some excuse as to why we couldn’t do it. I think that’s just a process and my lovely husband has always understood and supported me which is helping me to become a little less insular.


Share 1 challenge you are having in your business right now? See you in the comments below.


This post is part of a 10 week interview round-up. This is question 7. I interview 4 Top Best-Selling Folksy Sellers of 2014 who share their business insights & experiences for success. You can read the introduction here. Follow along & also share your answers to the questions in the comments too, along with your shop’s url. Catch up on the past questions: Question 1  Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6

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