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Coppa Survival Series 01: 2 areas to work on for your YouTube Channel

In 2020 YouTube pot new rules in place instructed by Coppa. Coppa stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, this law is to help protect children who watch YouTube videos.

Basically, videos that are family or children-themed or related can no longer have targeted ads on them. They will still have ads but not targeted ones.

This is one reason why so many YouTubers are not happy. Those who were lucky enough to monetize those videos and received revenue from those ads will see their income drastically go down.

If you don’t see the video below click this link:


To make things worst those videos will have comments turned off & will not be able to be saved by the viewer.

Wait there’s more, due to the way this law is being implemented there are videos that will come under the new law but are not meant for children but adults. This area becomes hard to separate.

The YouTuber whose videos drop in this grey area, I can understand how confusing and frustrating it can all be.

This is the reason for me creating a few videos to help shine some light in a time where it seems really dark right about now.

In the video below I share 2 areas that any YouTuber should always look into but definitely those who fall under the new Coppa ruling.

So in the light of day with Coppa and YouTube, there’s a lot going on. There are YouTubers angry there are YouTubers crying that I’ve seen. There are YouTubers who are simply confused about what to do with their videos and their channel to go forward.

So I hope this video will shed some light in a time when a lot of YouTubers are just
thinking about what to do to move forward right about now.

But before I go to my content I just want to share that I read TechCrunch article which was uploaded on December the 9th and it said: YouTube asked FTC to clarify how video creators should comply with Coppa ruling”. So as you can see YouTube is reaching out to help creators to get a bit more clarification, on their videos to move forward.

So until that happens all you can do is sit and wait so in the meantime these two areas will help you to be proactive with your channel. Plus help you move forward in a more positive light in 2020.

So the first one I want to share with you is email & to start building your email list
Number 2 is about your YouTube community. I talk about moving it, why you should, and share options to make it happen.

Links from the video:

YouTube asks the FTC to clarify how video creators should comply with COPPA ruling

Mailerlite – mailing list affiliate –

They are simple areas to get started with but are powerful and can change the way you move forward from here on. Whether with Youtube or any other platform you don’t own but use for your business.

What are your thoughts concerning Coppa & does it affect you, share in the comments below



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Coppa & YouTube series

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