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Coppa Survival Series 02: 7 Ways monetize your YouTube channel

Carrying on from my last Coppa & YouTube series video.

In this video, I share 7 ways you can monetize your YouTube channel content.

If you don’t see the video below click this link:


All the ways are free to get started and can help you increase your income. Or for those not yet monetized help you get started.

Having multiple streams of income is important, it helps you make sure you do not focus on one income stream.

This way if one income stream dries up for whatever reason, you have your other income streams that are still flowing in.

I have written 3 of the below

1 –  Patreon Patreon is a platform that allows you to monitor your community and they can speak to share a donation which is every month which is whatever you decide

2 – Affiliate marketing It’s been around for the longest time and the fact it’s pretty easy to become an affiliate for many products because a lot of companies now have that facility. However, I want to share with you a different way to use affiliate links.
The common way people use affiliate links is to promote their camera equipment or resources and that kind of thing. But with that method, if people have been following you for a long period of time or they are not interested they can become advertisement blind. You don’t want this.

My way you may be surprised what your viewers like, right in the video you are sharing with them. For example behind me, I have a laptop screen on one side & on the other side my laptop screen. I don’t know if the person watching actually likes my curtains or likes my laptop screen. I could add affiliate links to these items in my description. An share I have a few affiliate links in my description from a few items in my video check them out.

If you do this for each video but use different products in your videos. Your affiliate links will be more interesting and people will want to see what links you shared from this view.

Also if your videos are based around a theme you can make your links relate to this theme. Just don’t make your affiliate links be the feature in your video unless it’s asked in your comment section.

3 – Donation Now you may not want to ask for donations but if you want to help build up your income on YouTube or you just want to start monetizing your videos because you’ve never had the chance to before and this is a great way to start.

Also because you’re doing video you don’t actually need to say the words “I would like you to donate to my channel” you could simply put the words on your video and have the words in your descriptions.

Now the easiest way that I would say you set up a donation is to create a link that only you will have and then what you do with that you put that in the description. All people then have to do is copy and paste that link into their browser. They can put what money amount they want and you will get it instantly when they submit it. I would advise to watch the video to see how it works if you need to. To create a link click here to get yours for free. The best part is that people can use your link as often as they want.


Links from video:

A few Print on Demand Sites:

From the video which income stream will you be trying out, share in the comments below



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7 ways monetize your youtube channel

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