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Conversation Starters: Sharing your Products with Strangers

Conversation Starters

Hi there, as you should know this post is all about how you can use this marketing concept called conversation starters, to boost your business by talking to anyone at any time, in any place and not feel out of place.

If you want to read the background to how this all came about check out that post here.

So basically, when you’re pregnant its there for everyone to see unless you are really small if you are very lucky you. However, while a very visual appearance, which is different, this allows people, total strangers, to start conversations with you about that visual difference. For your business, you simply want to flip this conversation starter, so instead of them starting a conversation with you, you will start the conversation with them, the stranger.

So how do you start conversation starters, with total strangers?

You will have to have a very important ingredient that will allow you to start up a conversation and not feel shy or out of place. The only way you can step into somebody else’s space is by having your business card or a business promotional item that is promoting your business at hand.

By having this ready and the conversation in your head, you can start a conversation with any stranger at any time anywhere. Be ready to whip out your glowing smile, your business card or promotional item then go in for the kill.

Let me give you an example when I was promoting my greeting card business. I do not use business cards, instead, I put my business details on some bookmarkers I made. I figured most people like to read, so I would smile and say, excuse me, I have some free bookmarkers I am giving away and you can check out my business if you are interested  When they took them off me I would say have a great day bye. End of conversation continues to do whatever I was doing.

Short, Simple, to the point, with a smile

It’s time to start having conversations with strangers as you go about your daily routine in your everyday life. Not all your customers are going to be online, people you see in the supermarket, petrol station, library etc are also your potential customers. By having your business material with you, you’ll always be ready to promote your business, using a conversation starter. What you’re effectively doing is getting your business material into a stranger’s hand, simples :).

If starting conversations makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry but you need to get over it, start getting used to feeling uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is good because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. This will help you be become more confident in yourself, while helping your business.

I am as shy as hell especially when talking to strangers, but for my business, I take a deep breathe and go for it. The worst they can say is no thank you. Plus you will kind of see who you want to approach than who to avoid.

Your next step is to…

Gather your business cards or business promotional items that you’re going to use.
These will help your conversation starters flow better and more natural.
Remember to carry your business marketing tools with you everywhere you go.
Just like how you carry your front door keys or your car keys
Brush up on your smile, 🙂

What do you need to do now?
In the comments below, tell me what business material you are going to use to help your conversation starters flow.
If you have already started a conversation with a stranger share how it went? How did you feel afterward?
I look forward to reading your comments

Janet Walker has been a designer & internet marketer for over 16+ years. She established her creative biz on the 1st page of Google (+ other search engines) within a year of being online. Which led to international media coverage. Her analytical thinking, marketing know-how & break-it-down methodology, allows her to naturally align strategies, & more. She’s become the go-to for individuals, small & sought-after business leaders in various industries.  JWGInternational’s core is to empower, elevate & support those using their Gifts to impact others.

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2 Comments. Leave new

  • Thanks for this. I keep trying to promote my website to people and I always stumble. I reach out to someone, about to start a conversation and then ask for directions. 🙂
    But the advice on material to share is great as that helps to not come off as a complete stalker as well.
    Thanks. I will let you know how this goes.

    • Hi Leillah,

      You are already heading in the right direction for you have taken the big step to start off conversations yourself. Yeah I get you about asking directions, that line can only work so offer, but building on that is going to be simple now. You got the flow going already, all you need to to get your business material and get back out there.

      I look forward to see you how you get on, don’t forget to come back and tell me all about it.

      Blessings Janet


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