Why did you choose Folksy when looking for a marketplace to sell your products?

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Q1 - Why did they choose to sell at Folksy?
Why do you sell at Folksy?

A simple question you would think. If you are starting out this can be the hardest question to answer. Should you have your own website or start at a marketplace like Folksy first. You have to weigh up your options, wants and needs to come to a decision you are happy with. Either way it’s your choice. Let’s see why Lisabeth, Jane, Barry & Anne chose Folksy to sell their products.


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I loved the fact it was British only designers and their help to online shop holders seems personal and caring which is lovely


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I’ ve been selling with Folksy for some time so it is difficult to remember exactly why. I think it was partly recommendation and partly it had the best features for my needs at the time.


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It was very much by chance. When I was just starting out and doing my ‘Introduction to screen printing’ course at the Leicester Print Workshop, I was chatting to a friend of a friend. Who was also doing the course, turned out she was the editor of the Folksy magazine ‘Frankly’ and she recommended the site to me.


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It’s British, and it’s supportive of its sellers… equally, we really liked its approach to business. Folksy is a big website, but it’s friendly and kind and we just felt it suited us.


Do you have a shop at Folksy? If so why did you choose Folksy to sell your products? Share your reasons in the comments below.


This post is part of a 10 week interview round-up. This is question 1. I interview 4 Top Best-Selling Folksy Sellers of 2014 who share their business insights & experiences for success. You can read the introduction here. Follow along & also share your answers to the questions in the comments too, along with your shop’s url.


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