Marketing: Here’s why you need to share your Gift

I'm all about you sharing your Gift with the World.

This is why I love SEO, keywords, content & traffic methods. All these combined or separated will help you to share your gift.

If you do something and want to share it with others in some way. Then you have a beautiful gift that needs to be seen by some & many.

So here's why you need to share your Gift

Marketing: Here's why you need to share your Gift

Firstly, marketing isn't a chore, even though at times, it may appear that way.

Nor is it a thing you need to find the time to fit into your day.

Marketing, no matter how hard you find it.

No matter how confused or frustrated you get

Marketing is the BEST excuse you have to tell others about your gift | your product | your service

If your product can help people,  you have to share it so they can find you & get the help they need

If you don't you are letting them down. Leaving them with their problem or allowing someone else to help them.


Bear this in mind when marketing starts to get on your nerves


We are marketed to 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Sometimes we ignore it, even complain about it but sometimes we say thanks either loudly or silently to ourselves.

  • When you see that sun hat that will just go amazingly with that new summer dress you brought last year
  • Or that silver dog bone themed collar which your pet loving friend would adore
  • Or that watercolor painting of palm trees against the sunrise that would simply fit your new meditation space
  • Or that wooden crystal pendant necklace that would be the ideal gift to your relative who loves crystals
  • Or those cupcakes that have unicorns & trucks as the design. That your cute niece would simply love

As you can see from my exciting examples. People marketing their gift can be a great benefit to others.

Marketing helps you solve people's problems via using your product or service as their solution.

Every time you don't put your business there.

There's a person who's still struggling with their problem or was looked after by another business.

Share your Gift with the world & be the shining light others are looking for.


Tell me below what marketing methods are working for you.



Janet Walker helps small business owners share their Gifts. By simplifying SEO, crafting your product story, getting traffic & learning, exploring ideas. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow, making a mean green juice or busy in her garden learning how to grow vegetables.

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