How to Create a Free Blog with

how to create a free blog with blogger

Today I want to share with you how to create a blog with I will be honest I am not an advocate of free blogging sites because you don't have full control. However, I have used these sites for internet marketing projects, where the main purpose is entertainment.

Also, I understand when you are not sure if the business you are in or embarking on is right for you. So you don't want to spend any money until you are sure. Again I would say business does entail some risk but I am here to help you make your own decisions by having information from different sides of the fence.

"Why would you take the time to create a video about blogger if you recommend a site with more control," you ask. Well, a subscriber asked me to help them with making a blogging decision and they chose to use blogger for the reasons I shared above. As they did not know where to start I simplified the process by creating this video. To me it was easy creating a video than explaining it in an email.

If you already have a blog, awesome stuff, so before you decide to leave, check out the info below the video and join in with your information.

I would love to hear in the comments if you have a blog what platform have you used and why?

2 The url of your blog, so we can come over and have a look.

Janet Walker helps small business owners share their Gift. By simplifying Getting Traffic | Blogging for Business | Content Creation | Monetizing your Skillz. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow or making a mean green juice or busy in her polytunnel learning how to grow vegetables.

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  • Thank you for putting this information out there.

    • Hi ya Tracey

      Your welcome, many need this information but can be afraid to ask because its the basics. Everything starts with a simple foundation. Everything has a beginning.

      Blessings Janet


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