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3 Reasons Why your Wasting your Time with Social Media

Wasting your Time with Social Media

There's so much to do when it comes to your business but the biggest hurdle that you cannot avoid is talking to people.  With social media, being a big part of your business whether you like it or not are you using it the right way.

What's your verdict on social media?

Are you saying "At last I'm not the only one saying social media is a waste of time" Or are you saying "Social media wasting my time are you crazy". Whichever sentence you lean towards, it shows one thing that social media is here to stay.

Social media is even being the first place new business owners start selling, instead of creating their own space online. There are always talks about why traffic is not flowing to a business site via social media or why engagement efforts are useless. You know deep down that social media can boost, explode and totally change your business but what you see is not convincing you.

Well it's about time we look to see if social media is really wasting your time and how you can flip that thinking into positive action.


3 Reason Why your Wasting your Time with Social Media

In the comments

1 Share what social media sites your using, & list them all 🙂
2 Which one are you most active on? So we can support, share, link, follow and engage. Let's begin shall we 🙂

Janet Walker helps small business owners share their Gift. By simplifying Getting Traffic | Blogging for Business | Content Creation | Monetizing your Skillz. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow or making a mean green juice or busy in her polytunnel learning how to grow vegetables.

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4 Comments. Leave new

  • Thank you very much for sharing the video and for the shout out Janet.

    I totally agree with what you’re saying and had already done lots of research on the subject. I currently get most of my business from word of mouth and local advertising..I am still not ready to handle bigger traffic and workload as I am in the process of putting an adequate structure in place.
    As soon as that’s done I will put more work more into my social media and definitely follow your advice 🙂 Much love. Elena

    • Hi ya Elena,

      Glad you could stop by. Sounds like your on a good path with your business right now. Yes don’t rush into social media until you know you and your business is ready. The shout out was nothing, considering if not for twitter I would never have met you:)

      Blessings Janet

  • This is definitely advise to follow.

    • Hi ya Tracey

      You are becoming a regular around here, which is awesome. Yes social media can be daunting but if you have a plan in place no matter how small it can help a great deal.
      Blessings Janet


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