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6 Ways to Be More Focused & Happier

6 Ways to Be More Focused & HappierHaving ways to make you more focused on your business has to be helpful. An being happier is much better than being sad, its also good for your health. So give me a big smile 🙂

One message is never enough, time to step away

Time yourself on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Allow about 10 to 15 minutes to check, respond, pin &  upload any  images . These places thrive on sucking you into their sites, they want you to spend all day chilling out in  their space. By allocating a time frame to deal with your social media updates, your making sure your focus returns back to your overall business.



There’s a time to work and a time to read

Read your favourite blogs, in the evening after your work is done. You know how it is you get reading thinking you will only do it for a few minutes. Then you look up to find you have lost 2 hours and its time to move onto other tasks, leaving previous tasks undone. Yet your favourite blog got read, they got the reader they wanted meaning you, but your business had to suffer because of it. Have a set evening where you know that you can say “at 9 pm I am going to relax and catch up on your favourite blogs”. This way you get the best of both worlds and you can enjoy your blogs knowing you are not meant to be doing something else work related.



Do it before you need it, is the best way

Are you rushing to get your blog post written the night before its due to be published for your readers. Are you sitting there saying “Oh that is so me”. Well here’s something that will help you get out of that rush routine, blog in advance. You may say “Yeah I know about that but I never can get the ideas when I sit down to write”. I will respond in saying carry a notepad and pen at all times so you are prepared for those idea flashes. You know the ones, when you in the supermarket and all of a sudden an idea flashes into your head. You are like “Oh yeah that’s a great idea, i will write it down when i get back to the car, or when i get home”. Do you even remember you had an idea by the time you walk back to your car. Or do you remember you had a idea but can’t for the life of you remember what it was. Been there, done that, also got several t-shirts to prove it lol.

Well that’s where your notepad and pen will come in very handy. When those ideas flash into your already busy head, whip out your notepad and pen like how John Wayne whips out his pistol and write that idea down straight away  No more waiting,  get it out of your head on to paper and you will be good to go. Now when you get home you have some notes to expand on to create your post, so you get it ready before your publish date.



Get some quality time with yourself

You also need to looking after yourself, so set aside an evening where you can love yourself guilt free. You need to self care because you are your business. Without you your business is going to suffer. The thing is I bet you know this already, you just feel guilty actually doing something for you, something that does not involve your partner, your kids etc…. We are talking about your time, your space, especially for you and only you.

Do something you wanted to do for some time, something you love, anything that makes you relax, smile, feel alive or even gets your heart pumping..

Watch that film you keep saying you want to watch
Link with some friends either off or on-line
Make something for yourself, or finish something off: knitting, sewing, quilting, painting etc..
Give yourself a home pamper spa experience, get out those candles that were given to you as a gift. Light them, get in the bath with a good book and relax. Or forget the book, its your time you choice

Whatever you choose to do, fully enjoy the moment. Oh and its not a one off either, make a date in your diary or your on your calendar to spend time with yourself sometime next week, and the week after, and the week after that.



Stay hydrated & alert

When working make sure you are drinking your water, to keep your body hydrated.  Being dehydrated will lead to you becoming tired, getting headaches, feeling fatigued and unable to focus properly. Having these symptoms does not help you in the long term. So having a large glass of water where you are working will prompt you to quench that thirst and stay refreshed.

While we are on the subject of looking after your body, snacking should be part of your working day. I know many say snacking is bad, well it is when the snacks are crisps, chocolate, biscuits etc, don’t get it twisted I’m as so all over those foods, but you also need to know when to be healthy. Eating healthier will help your body go that extra mile. How many times have you worked and then realised you forgotten to eat, it happens to the best of us. Eating is important, it fuels the body but especially the brain, so keep your snacking healthy by having chunks of fruits and veg at hand for easy reach.



Go to sleep I tell you, those dreams are missing you

No, joking aside, this is major serious one. You need to get some sleep beautiful.
You need to allow your temple of a body to repair itself and it can only fully complete this process when you are in dream land. I too have tried to evade sleep, I need to work, sleep can wait, I can sleep when I am dead. Wrong. Even superheroes need sleep. So like me stop trying to work without sleeping or getting enough sleep.

It doesn’t matter how you try and style it out about not needing sleep. When sleep is ready,  it will overcome you and you wont even realize its happened. I know you know what I am talking about. Your working on your laptop everything’s good, until you find yourself waking up with your laptop keys imprinted in the side of your face. Oh and the times when you keep nodding off. Get in those important zzzzz, your body will thank you for it.

Over to you, in the comments share how you stay focused and what makes you super happy.


Janet Walker has been a designer & internet marketer for over 16+ years. She established her creative biz on the 1st page of Google (+ other search engines) within a year of being online. Which led to international media coverage. Her analytical thinking, marketing know-how & break-it-down methodology, allows her to naturally align strategies, & more. She’s become the go-to for individuals, small & sought-after business leaders in various industries.  JWGInternational’s core is to empower, elevate & support those using their Gifts to impact others.

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  • Hi Janet, excellent advice as always! My taking space for myself away from the business is learning to sew, so on Sat 27th July after we have done a big show this week and caught up on chores next week I will clean my sewing machine and complete the apron I am working on!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I too am looking to do some sewing. Need to get a sewing machine first but it’s something i am really looking forward to doing. It’s a shame you wont be around for the Q & A, hope to see you at my next one.

      Blessings Janet

  • PS I will be not be able to join in with the Live Chat on Fri because we will be working, but I hope it goes well!

  • Hi Janet
    Congrat Janet for sharing Your God given knowledge to the most needs one, but for me I really learn alot about your words. I am also producer of handmade Arts & craft products. I will post their image later.

    • Hi Eric
      Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad i am able to help you with what i share. I look forward to seeing your products over on the fanpage.

      Blessings Janet


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