6 Hashtag Tips to increase your business reach on Instagram


As you know over on Instagram, my account is called @thehandmadeboss where I share your amazing masterpieces. I love doing it as I get to see so many products every day that just takes my breath away. That it's just not right that others don't know about them.

While exploring makers feeds I have to read alot of Instagram bios and captions. What I will say and did say on a post I shared on Instagram that I am seeing a lot of mistakes when it comes to using hashtags.

But I get it we are all learning the hashtag thing. I was too until I figured out how to get it to work for me. I will be sharing details soon but for now, I want to share the 6 hashtag tips I shared over on Instagram.

Before I jump into sharing the 6 hashtag tips. Let me shed some light on what they are and how to use them.


What is a hashtag and how do you use it

Hashtags are simply keywords that reflect what you are talking about or showing. In the case of this post the products, you are sharing on Instagram. You type these keywords with the hashtag symbol which is this #

You use them to help people find what you have shared. Now on most social media platforms, you can use hashtags, but it's not a necessity. However, on Instagram, hashtags is at the core. If you want to be found by people you have to use hashtags on your pictures. Instagram's system is set up solely around hashtags, so you can understand that if you want to break through and get seen on Instagram you gotta get learning about hashtags.


Hashtag Tip 1

I see a lot of creative's using hashtags like handmade, makers, supporters, etc. These are great but not all your customers will search with those words in mind. Some people don't even know about handmade they simply buy because they see a product and like it.


Hashtag Tip 2

Plus will your fellow creatives become the loyal customer that repeat buys, to help you build a sustainable business? Support is awesome, powerful and very much needed. However, when it comes to making sales you have to widen your reach beyond your fellow creatives.


Hashtag Tip 3

One word hashtags won't help you get seen unless you have a pretty big following. Using one-word hashtags are too general.


Hashtag Tip 4

Research your hashtags before you use them. See what posts come up and do your post images fit in. You may find you are using hashtags ONLY you use. You just see YOUR posts. This is not good for increasing your business reach.


Hashtag Tip 5

Be careful when using your chosen media as part of your hashtags. Not everyone searches with the media used to create it, in mind.

Would you search for "glassart" or "blueglassglobe" if looking for a gift for a loved one?


Think like a customer, not a business owner.

Hashtag Tip 6

You can use up to 30 hashtags, so make them all count. Imagine each hashtag is your virtual employee pulling new eyes to see your work. Now if you are only 10 hashtags that means your only working with a small workforce when you could have all 30 working for you. These are free virtual employees, make them for you.


Tell me in the comments whether you know how to use hashtags effectively to help your business on Instagram.
Drop a >>>
¦ 1= Yes, I got hashtags covered
¦ 4= I think I do, I mean I'm getting likes, that must mean something right?
¦ 6= Girl hashtags are just words I see with a line symbol. Girl if you can shine a light on all the hashtag thing I'd be super happy

Janet Walker helps small business owners share their Gift. By simplifying Getting Traffic | Blogging for Business | Content Creation | Monetizing your Skillz. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow or making a mean green juice or busy in her polytunnel learning how to grow vegetables.

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