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3 Marketing mistakes handmade businesses make


With marketing your business a continuous cycle & learning process,   it's so easy to cut corners or pick up other people's bad habits.

In this video, I share 3 mistakes that I see creatives doing within their business. I want you to either stop doing these 3 mistakes, avoid if you are not or identify them to see if you are actually doing them and don't realise it.

* 1st mistake is about keyword research

* 2nd mistake is about using special words that are common now

* 3rd mistake is about lowering prices and has 3 separate parts

Even though I call them mistakes they are learning curves that help us better what we do. When you know what to avoid or stop doing the business journey becomes a little smoother.


If you don't see the video below click this link:


Now you know what the marketing mistakes are can you share any more mistakes other business owners should look out for?



Share your comment to continue the conversation, I'll see you below...

When sharing your suggestion, feedback or insights, you are very much helping others on a similar journey as yours. We don't all have the answers but when we pull together and help one another, its truly a blessing.

I appreciate you for reading, watching and joining the conversation. I'm super happy you are here sharing your wisdom and truth with us all.

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