3 Blog Post Ideas for Creative Businesses – part 2

blog post ideas using sketching

Another post sharing blog post ideas for you to try. This idea is really easy and you are already doing it within your business.

In this post, we'll look at sketching, your workspace and sketchbook tours.

These ideas are great ways to help show your process and work in process.

The more ways you can create content without extra effort on your part has got to be a bonus.

In the video we look at the following 3 areas:

Sketching- This is a huge over on YouTube. Share your sketching and talk about. Or you could share your sketching and the process you go through. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Workspaces - Again huge on Youtube, people want to be nosy when it comes to seeing where you work. Whether it's a kitchen table or a studio share it with the world.

Sketchbook tours - Looking through your old sketchbooks is great content to share. This idea is popular on youtube which is great for you sharing your business with others.


If you don't see the video below click this link:

Share your thoughts or more ideas on the 3 areas I shared in the above blog post.

Share your comment to continue the conversation, I'll see you below...

When sharing your suggestion, feedback or insights, you are very much helping others on a similar journey as yours. We don't all have the answers but when we pull together and help one another, its truly a blessing.

I appreciate you for reading, watching and joining the conversation. I'm super happy you are here sharing your wisdom and truth with us all.

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