1 BIG Reason Why you need a Website

Adding video to my content mix
As you can see I'm introducing video into my posts. If you use the internet (of course you do silly question really) you would have noticed that video is getting bigger by the minute. With all major social media platforms fully embracing it.

Yes, doing video is a scary place for me sometimes. Why, because, I'm an introvert but what can I do but roll with the punches and get used to doing videos. It's not easy but if it will help my business then it's what I must do. O.k I've talked way too much about this.

Why you need a Website

Back to why you should have a website

In this video, I share 1 big reason why you need a website for your business. Yes, there are many other good reasons. However, I do believe this one's important because it conflicts with why you started your own business in the first place.

You wanted to control everything and be your own boss. Well by having your items solely on another platform and not having a place to call your own. Actually takes the control out of your hands and into the people who own the platform you are using for your business.


It's a small investment for your business

Deciding to have a website is a small investment to make. If you want people to give money to you through buying your products. It's not much to ask yourself to invest in your own business. You need to start with a domain name and web hosting and then you good to go.

There are many tutorials on how to create a website so you don't have to worry there. Have a place on the internet to call your own, puts the control back into your hands. The places you use for your business are simply part of your marketing mix.

In the comments share if you have a website or not. If not, why not?


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