How No Website helps you work harder while losing traffic

It takes a lot of effort to get new people to your business.

New people don't know you, so, therefore, you have to walk them along the Know you, Like you & Trust you path.

All that hard work you do, getting people to visit the place you sell your products, whether that's Etsy, Folksy, another marketplace, Instagram, Facebook etc.. vanishes if that person does not buy from you on that occasion.

no website means working harder and losing traffic

Most people won't buy from a new business after seeing them for the first time. Or the 2nd time. Actually, study shows that people eventually part with their money after seeing you after the 6th - 7th time.

Did that shock you, scare you or did you know this already?

The Know, Like & Trust factor in business, is very real and is important if you want people to buy from you on a regular basis. While also recommending your business to their family and friends.

Do you realize your giving potential customers away?

Now the reality is if you do not own your own website, you are working twice as hard as those who do have a online web presence. When you get a potential customer to your marketplace or social platform that's it your work is done.

They can browse your products but if they choose not to buy and leave you've lost them.

If they come to your social page have a look at your posts and wonder somewhere else you've lost them.

Now you have to restart getting people to your shop all over again and the cycle continues.

It really hurts me when I here creatives say they don't have a website because I know they are working much harder & most of the time it's all in vain.

A website does make it easier

Don't get me wrong, having a website isn't the golden ticket to getting easy traffic (customers). It too needs work but the difference is your work is not in vain. When you are using a website to boost your business. You don't even have to sell your products on your website. Simply having a website that you use as your place to share who you are, why you do what you do. Letting potential customers see your ideas to final product and allowing them to be a part of your experience is priceless.

Plus you can capture their email details for a freebie product and start a conversation via email which in itself helps the sales process flow so much easier for you.

Even if you didn't offer an opt-in (which you should) you have content for them to come back to.

Look at a website as a virtual assistant that doesn't need paying

Look at a website as your 2nd in command. Its sole purpose is to help promote your business even while you sleep. People can find your content via the search engines, which means they were looking for something you have!

Yes, use your marketplace and social platforms as ways to increase your reach to new people. But don't let all your hard work disappear. Direct them to your website, armed with a plan. Along with getting their email address and start that more personal conversation like we do in my emails to you.

It's in your best interest to really consider a website as part of your overall marketing plan. Especially if you want a long-term business that allows you to work less over time and do more creating.

So how do you feel about having a website? If you want one tell me what's stopping you? Share with in in the comments.

Share your comment to continue the conversation, I'll see you below...

When sharing your suggestion, feedback or insights, you are very much helping others on a similar journey as yours. We don't all have the answers but when we pull together and help one another, its truly a blessing.

I appreciate you for reading, watching and joining the conversation. I'm super happy you are here sharing your wisdom and truth with us all.

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