Use your Creative Packaging as the Special Icing on the Cake

In my last post "A Little Creative Packaging can go Along Way" we looked at the ways of packaging on a budget. Wel, now it's all about showing off your packaging efforts even before a customer has bought from you. By sharing images of the way you will package your products, is a way of showing your potential customer how special their item will look when they receive it.

Use your Creative Packaging as the Special Icing on the Cake

Many of you may not stick to the same packaging materials and like to add something a little different every time you package your items. If this is the case you could take an image of the packaging you sent to your last customer. This can be a little tease for that new customer, looking at your listing and thinking of purchasing.

How about turning your parceling fun inside out. By using plain packaging on the outside you could surprise your customer by adding all the colour on the inside, what a surprise that would be.

Jazz up your boring brown cardboard boxes with the use of your stamps, stencils, paints etc. Don't limit your creativity on your now blank brown canvas.

Just like your boring box you can get creative on your own wrapping paper. There are so many ways you can make your wrapping stand out and be a beautiful addition to your product.

 "I never paid for this wow, what a nice thought".

Those are your customer's words or thoughts when they open your package to find a surprise free item inside. It can be as simple as your items personal story written on some special card or paper. Or it could have nothing to do with your product, like a badge, pencil or something else that will say thank you.

Many would love to purchase from you again, knowing that they may get a wonderful surprise hidden inside.Even if you stay with the norm for your packaging, you can go that extra mile with your labels that you use. Or you could add beautiful tags to your items if you do remember to add your sites url nice a small.


In the comments share your little touches you add to your products, that could surprise your customer, or simply make their smile widen.

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