What’s on your Handmade Christmas Shopping List?

Handmade Christmas Shopping List

As the Christmas season is upon us I wanted to cover a very important project that you will be spending your profits on.

It has to get done, ideally in January like I did most of the mine {I know you are hating me right now :)} but most commonly at the last minute. Yes, beautiful I am talking about your Christmas shopping list. Gifts have to be bought for your loved ones and it has to happen before the shops become overloaded with people all shopping for the same gifts with like 48 hours to go.

The best way to avoid the hustle and bustle is to get comfy in your fav sofa, get a drink, put up your feet and go Handmade Christmas shopping online. Avoid the queues, support your fellow creative | handmade business and get something super special and unique.

So what I have done because you are busy with business stuff. I have opened hidden doors, a found new sites that are sharing free Christmas shopping lists for your ever-growing list of people you are going to buy for.

I was going to designs some lists of my own, then I thought why do that when I can find and share other people’s lists. Any excuse for me to find new sites, I love to browse, when I can find the time. However, this is for you so I must find that the time and do it for you :):)

Here we go your selection of Christmas Shopping List & Planners

Thanks to Goinghometoroost.com 

Thanks to elli.com

Thanks to imom.com


Thanks to vintageglama1.wordpress.com

Thanks to 247moms.com













Supporting Handmade at Christmas

I support handmade business owners as much as possible. So this is where you come in, I would love to come and have a look around your handmade store. So in the comments share your links to your awesome products. I also hope that when you read this you too will support your fellow handmade business owner and go and check out their store too. Oh and don’t forget to share these links with your friends and family this Christmas season too.

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