Coppa Survival Series 02: 7 Ways monetize your YouTube channel

Carrying on from my last Coppa & YouTube series video.

In this video, I share 7 ways you can monetize your YouTube channel.7 ways monetize your youtube channel

All the ways are free to get started in and can help you increase your income. Or for those not yet monetized help you get started.

Having multiple streams of income is were yo make sure you do not focus on one income stream.

This way if one income stream dries up or for whatever reason get interrupted like what's happening with Coppa & Youtube.

You have your other income streams that are still flowing in.





Links from video:

A few Print on Demand Sites:

From the video which income stream will you be trying out, share in the comments below


Janet Walker helps small business owners share their Gifts. By simplifying SEO, crafting your product story, getting traffic & learning, exploring ideas. When she's not in business mode (which is hard not to be) she's being creative somehow, making a mean green juice or busy in her garden learning how to grow vegetables.

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