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I work with professionals & individuals from diverse industries, backgrounds & skill sets.  Current & past clients include online business owners, coaches, independent brick & mortar shop owners, artisans, handmade makers, social workers, youth club leaders, network leaders, international speakers, entertainers, TV contestants.

Whether you are stuck, struggling, or frustrated. Or want to monetize your gifts, expand your product line or get clear & focused

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Business Sessions

Clarity-Focus: Get clear, & know what to focus on to progress forward.
Marketing: Get your marketing activities moving. I look at your online presence, assess your content & your skills to help you have an advantage.
Monetize: Develop ideas into products for your business or expand existing ones. We’ll discuss products physical, or digital.

Website Critique | Audit: Assessing layout • business message • basic SEO overview • image optimization • opt-in offers & call to actions. After payment, you will be directed to our form to fill in. Within 1 week you will be emailed a link to your video reply.

Follow up:  Can be booked around 3 – 5 months after your last session with me. Or when you have implemented work & want to check-in

Open Up: Are you struggling in your personal life?  Something hindering you from being fully present? I have a listening ear waiting for you

How does this work, Janet?

After you pay for your chosen session, you will be automatically directed to a form to fill in. This is important as I need these details to prepare for your session. After payment & completed form are received. You will receive an email stating available dates & times to book your session. For recorded sessions again you will be directed to a form to fill in. You will then receive an email with the date you will receive your audio file by. 

Live Sessions will be delivered via Skype or Zoom (blind or video)

Recorded sessions will be delivered as a mp3 file, within 5 days after payment & completed form has been received.

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