How to Use 2 Simple Actions To Bring in Customers,
Over A Weekend Where People Are Ready To Buy

Black Friday Marketing Tips. For the largest shopping event of the year. Where billions of £ and $ are spent over just 4 days

Get prepared for this shopping frenzy 4-day event

This webinar will :
  • Help you get clear on what to do & not to do
  • To know your options for choosing offers for your business
  • How to use incentives to get the sale first
  • How to get sales before Black Friday begins


It's that time again, if you missed out last year, don't let it happen this year!

*The fine print (which is actually big enough for you to read without squinting): The information you’ll learn is meant to be used for businesses that already have an audience, email list, and who are actively marketing their business. These actions may be simple but still requires work. This class is specifically for handmade sellers, shop owners, and e-commerce stores with existing businesses. Absolutely no income claims are made or implied.