Which social platform drives the most traffic to your Folksy shop and why?

 Question 4 of 10

Q4 - Which social platform drives the most traffic to your Folksy shop and why?
Which social platform drives the most traffic to your shop?

Traffic is everything to a business, its the blood line. With no traffic how are you going to sell your products. There are so many ways to get your business seen and heard I asked Lisabellah, Jane, Barry & Anne to share. Here’s what they had to said.


why sell at folksyShop | Twitter | Facebook

Facebook is the largest social platform available to small businesses to drive to where it needs to go. I also now use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. These all have links to my Folksy on. I am looking to use flicker and maybe create a YouTube channel in the future if I’m brave enough.


why sell at folksy 2Shop | Twitter | Facebook

I mainly use Twitter for marketing. Over time I have developed a following of people interested in my work so that when I post something about a new item people usually click through.

I don’t necessarily think this is the best platform it is just the one I have worked with most. I need to spend sometime working out where my potential customers are most likely to hangout, on social media and develop my presence there.


why sell at folksy 3Shop | Twitter | Facebook

I have a dedicated Facebook page that has slowly built up a following over the years and I use this to post new product announcements which drives the majority of traffic to my Folksy shop.


why sell at folksy 4Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Our Facebook page, without a doubt. We have over 42,000 lovely Likers, and we announce whenever we are adding new items to our Folksy shop. We do have Twitter and Instagram but am scared of Twitter and am still learning the ropes with Instgram.


Which social platform drives traffic to your shop & why? Share your reasons in the comments below.


This post is part of a 10 week interview round-up. This is question 4. I interview 4 Top Best-Selling Folksy Sellers of 2014 who share their business insights & experiences for success. You can read the introduction here. Follow along & also share your answers to the questions in the comments too, along with your shop’s url. Catch up on the past questions: Question 1  Question 2 Question 3


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