Product Keyword Formula

for Creatives  Handmade, Product-Based Businesses

product-keyword-formula- video training

Through this training,  you will learn how to expand your primary keyword & build 4 more keywords that will represent physical products within a creative business.

These keywords will be used to target the search engines, so people looking in the searches can find your products.

I will also show you how to translate keyword planner data into money in the back. This will allow you to analyse how much more you can potentially make. Even if only a small percentage come to your site and buy.

In this 30-minute in-depth video training, you will learn:

  • The nuts & bolts of keyword research when it comes to your physical products
  • How keyword planner, will help you name your products for success
  • How to turn search engine data into realistic sales figures
  • An overview of how combining different content types can be powerful in your business

I use this formula within my Traffic Plan strategy sessions & my clients see great results in product sales

When marketing your products to get found, Chasing people to buy your products is the hard way to sell. Social media is where you chase people because it’s hard for people to find you due to how the platform is created. Yes, you can use hashtags but the work you put in for your post to disappear pretty quickly does not benefit you but helps the social media platforms. For you now have to constantly create content.

Now, what about naming your products with keywords people are actively using. Because they are looking for that product in the search engines to research or purchase. When people want to research or buy a product they go to the search engines unless they know exactly which business sells what they want. Very rarely you will go to Instagram or Facebook to buy something. Unless it’s Facebook marketplace or On Instagram because again you already know of an account that sells what you want.

The average consumer will use search engines like Google to look for that product they want. Now when you use keywords people are actively using to look for products like yours. You create content based around these keywords etc.. you are getting traffic that is very targeted, & who knows what they want.

These customers will find your products by themselves. This video training will show you how you find keywords that people are using. And how to use them to position your business to be found online.