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I’m not going to lie I love SEO & Keywords. SEO  (search engine optimization) helps people like you & I find what we want or need via search engines. Then we have Keywords. Without keywords, you wouldn’t be able to find anything online unless you remembered the website domain name. Or you were following them on social media. If you want to get found by people actually looking for what you offer, it’s time to get friendly and know SEO.

Use SEO to Help Buyers Find your Business Online

Learn Seo for handmade creatives

This FREE email video course reveals how powerful SEO is & how you can use it in your business & what you can do straight away.

In this SEO Keyword Video Course You’ll Learn:

  • ✔️ The elements that makes SEO work in beautiful harmony with your business
  • ✔️ The 5 rule keyword plan that Janet uses to get long-term traffic to her seo’d content
  • ✔️ How keyword research is the heart of your product’s success
  • ✔️ How to prepare your images to work harder for your business

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