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Creative HQ is for the creative, passionate, determined person. Who wants support without the pressure. Friends who will listen when you need. Check in with you because they care, celebrate your wins with a happy heart.

Are you tired of figuring it out by yourself? Talking to family & friends who just don’t understand, even with the best intentions. Not knowing all the answers makes you human, but it doesn’t feel that way, at times.

Do you just want to run your business, be stress-free, enjoy the process, help others via your gift, live your dreams, and be so dam happy with your work & life?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

The Main Focus is Marketing. Marketing is the ONLY way to get you discovered by people wanting what you offer. It may not be the most entertaining part, especially when you are learning along the way. Knowing what works for your business  & building on that makes getting your business out there less of a struggle.

People are using search engines, social media, forums, blogs & more. Every day you don’t put your business out there, the more opportunities you are missing. Yet, 24 hours doesn’t seem enough does it? Imagine, having a 2nd pair of eyes looking out for you. Yes the creative HQ will the your eyes too.

The Creative HQ is here to help on your business | life journey. Where your Gift takes you is unknown but thats part of the adventure.
creative community

WAIT. This is What We Don't Do & Why

No daily, weekly, monthly training, or workbooks – OMG what really?

Yep, we don’t offer training, workbooks, videos on a regular basis just for the sake of it. This is not what the Creative HQ was created for.

We offer training that has been requested by you, the members. We don’t run your business you do. So you know what you need & if you don’t know, we help you to know. The Creative HQ does not dictate what you need, we listen & serve.

It’s about helping you work effectively, proactivley with targeted focus in your business. This is why we are big on 1-2-1, group & Q&A sessions. It helps you see where you are & what you need. With that clarity, you can take action in the right direction for the results you desire.

Personal attention & a more tailored approach to your business is what the Creative HQ about.


Hiya I'm Janet your supporter

creative JanetAs a creative, marketing & focus strategist & an avid supporter of creative business owners. I understand you may not have set out with the marketing skills, SEO, content creation, photography and more under your belt. However, they need to be actioned to help your business thrive.

10+ years of online experience has gained me a wealth of knowledge & skills. It’s allowed me to tap into different business models, such as e-commerce,  affiliate marketing, web design, biz directories. Plus helping other business owners, community leaders, speakers, entertainers from diverse industries. 4 years prior, I ran my own brick & mortar shop in the hair & beauty industry. With no prior experience of the industry, I saw a gap in the market, filled it while learning. Before that become a freelance graphic designer after 2 yrs as an employee, then taught others my skill-set. Oh, and before all that I worked in a department store as a sales assistant & within 6 months became the head of the department. Yes, you can say I have a lot of varied skills.

I created Creative HQ because you deserve more than just content, it’s about giving you the personal touch, tailored advice to fit you. Which is what’s missing so much online. Having a real human person (moi) who truly cares about your dreams & you living them.


Benefits of joining Creative HQ

Creative HQ Forum

Is where all the goodness of business info & connections will be found & made. It will become your go-to place. Topped up with methods, techniques, tools & resources to help you on your business journey. You'll be surprised at what you will need but never thought of. Why, because you try to do all the work yourself.

Q & A’s

There are times when you need a deeper response. Or help with alternative ideas to fit your business. Finding solutions to your struggles, celebrating goals, wins, discussing your next steps and more.

1-2-1 + Group Sessions

1-2-1 + group sessions. For ideas, growth, change, diversity, clarity, etc.. I'm here to also just listen if that's what you need. Availability will be shared with paid members on a monthly basis (worth £147 - £247 per hr)

Website Agency Services

Agency services which include website critiques, SEO audits, keyword research help, design & brand message service, content creation help, other custom research (Worth £1000 monthly)

The Thank You Fund

Differentiating us from the rest. Creative HQ gives back to its members. Life happens, things break, opportunities arise, not prepared. No long pitchy sales letters needed. [priceless]

so much more

Services will change, new ones will be introduced, others removed. We work to the flow of our members & their personal & business needs.

A Creative Community

Creative HQ Member
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  • Creative HQ Forum
  • Replays Live & Video recordings
  • Video Library
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Consulting Services
  • Everything Else! (see info above)

♦ I hear on the grapevine that your Creative HQ Paid membership will be free for a limited time & if so why?
Only a few sections like the forum, it will give my creative subscribers a chance to experience Creative HQ.

♦ Will you be offering training?
Only if it’s requested, we don’t share for the sake of it. Overloading our members with work that’s not needed is not what the Creative HQ was created for. It’s about helping you work effectively in your business. Being a part of the Facebook group will allow you to be in the know.