Feature Friday: Sew Swish

Today’s 38th Feature Friday is from Cathie who is based in Yorkshire UK. Cathie’s feature touched me because a challenging diagnosis, which i went through with my late mother, helped her find her true path of creativity. Thankfully Cathie is a survivor and here today to share her creative story with us. Let me introduce Cathie …

Business Name: Sew Swish
Your Name: Cathie Cook
Where are you based in the world? Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK

Cathie Cook

Tell us a little bit about awesome you:

Originally I trained to teach art and design but only taught for a few short years. I worked in clinical research for University of Sheffield for over 16 years running clinical trials in breast cancer but left after having a diagnosis and treatments for breast cancer myself. Now I have returned to my true path of creativity by turning lifelong interests from therapeutic hobbies into a small business. Life is much more about feeding my soul and being true to myself and encouraging local youngsters to do the same by going into schools to tell them about my journey and inspire them to follow their own hearts and dreams.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nature is my biggest inspiration and in Yorkshire there is so much beauty to breath in and take inspiration from. Yorkshire folk are the friendliest, proudest people with hearts of gold and our own sense of humour and they inspire my to put my all into what I do every day because that’s just what you do here – you graft hard at what you’re good at and enjoy the simple things in life, together.

How did you get into starting your business?

I’m a big believer that the universe and your inner self are always trying to lead you to your true path but being brave enough to make a big change especially in career can be hard to do. I had been seeing signs so to speak for a long time without taking real action. Eventually I was stopped in my tracks by my diagnosis and made to re-think my life entirely. When you’re not sure if you have much more time you think more carefully about using it well! So I brushed up on my skills, treated myself to a new sewing machine, crafting equipment and lots of lovely workshops. Posting pictures on Facebook of the things I made for myself, family and friends prompted requests to make them for others and so a business was born.

Name 2 blogs you like to visit

Tilly and the buttons is everything a crafty blog should be. Informative, inspirational and fun.

Suitablegifts.blogspot.com (and .co.uk) is my other favorite because it is all about spiritual growth, truth and trust and it feels as though it is written just for me and my growth!

What do you when you want to relax?

I play calming music and do a little guided meditation or self hypnosis and then whatever feels right after that!

What are you reading now?

The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

Share one goal you completed recently.

I launched my first website for my small business and designed and wrote it myself. Hours of work and love went into it and I’m now beginning to fulfill my next goal of writing a regular blog myself.

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

Life is all about continual learning and growth and I trust that what I need to know will be shown to me when I need to know it. There are no huge pitfalls that I wish I’d known about. I take one step at a time and the next reveals itself when I’m ready.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting their own business?

I would say do it for the right reasons. Do it for the love of it. Don’t go into it just because it seems like a good money earner. Do it to give yourself to the cause that fires you up, to feel good about what you’re providing and let it develop naturally. You can’t force it. You have got to do the groundwork and build that foundation so that you believe in yourself. Then others will believe in you too. Don’t fake anything, just be real!

Thank you Cathie for sharing your journey of overcoming, growth and feeding your soul. I came to Yorkshire when I was a graphic designer employee, back in the day and it has some beautiful landscapes that just took my breathe away.  You can connect with Cathie here:

Business url: http://cathiecook23.wix.com/sewswish

twitter.com/c_cathie | facebook.com/sewswishcrafts | pinterest.com/cathiecook54/


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