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For those of you who are interested in being a part of the e-commerce world, you may be asking yourself: What does it take to get started selling online? If you answer this question in the most obvious way possible, you need a brand and a website to market it. There are a variety of platforms out there where you can start selling, but deciding which one is right can take a lot of time and money. If only there was a free online marketplace platform where you can start listing your items and seeing what is the best way to market them… oh right! That´s my que! is a social e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs from around the world. These days we are seeing sites that focus on one type of business or one region, limiting who can use the site and therefore who knows about it. With, anyone can open an online shop for free and start selling their products or offering freelancer services. The best part is that there are no posting fees or commissions. When you sell on ezebee, the money goes to YOU! also provides users with a variety of tools to help them market their online shop and product listings. That way, you can see which methods work best for you, without paying listing or subscription fees.

First things first. When it comes time to set up the shop, don´t worry! Setting up is quick and easy. Just visit the site, sign up, and start creating your very own online showroom. An ezebee Showroom gives you a unique ezebee URL, an attractive page that you can personalize with a banner, blog, albums, and contact info. That way you can let shoppers know exactly what your brand is about and give them an insight into your business. In the shop section, you can add unlimited products. Be sure to add eye-catching photos and descriptive texts. Once you fill up your shop you can start marketing. Each Showroom and product listing has a variety of share options. You can market on Facebook, Twitter, and more! See what works for you with just a few clicks. You can also market your items within ezebee. There are low-cost promotional functions that give your brand more visibility on the site, letting your products be seen by more ezebee shoppers.

When you open an ezebee Showroom, you are increasing your visibility to a whole new market. The site is international and there are so many ways that you can increase your brand´s visibility on-site. Here´s a holiday tip! When posting a product that is specific to a certain holiday, you can give it a holiday setting. Let´s use Christmas as an example. You can select the same category and subcategory that is more widely searched and then add an occasion to it. Let´s say you have a Santa Clause mug. Normally, a mug would be placed in Home and Living, then Kitchen, but since it´s Christmas themed wouldn’t you choose Events & Occasions, then Christmas? Now you don´t have to decide! You can still appear in the popular Home and Living Category and just set your item to Christmas with´s occasions filter. This will help shoppers who are just looking for something Christmasy find it, and those who weren’t thinking about Christmas will see it while browsing Home and Living. Your product in two places on the marketplace? That´s what I call a sweet deal!



Author Bio: Christina Muller – Social Media & PR

Christina is a busy bee indeed! Passionate about social media and art, ezebee is the perfect place for Christina to find talent from around the world and share it on various pages. Visit ezebeeMag to see latest interviews that Christina has had with ezebee artists and be sure to inquire about being a guest writer!

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