I'm SEO, I can be confusing but I don't mean to be. This Video Training is to help you understand & use me within your business.

This FREE training will teach how powerful I am. How you can use me in your business & what you can do straight away.

The elements that make SEO work in beautiful harmony with your business
The 5 rule keyword plan that you can use to get long-term traffic to your seo'd content
How keyword research is the heart of your products success
How to prepare your images to work for your business

Let me show you I can do, when you work with me.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Day

Difficulty: Beginner

Take this Free training & learn about SEO & Keywords?

Seo & Keywords-Basics

The Introduction – My SEO Story

Sharing how I got introduced to SEO and how I saw it as the powerful tool it is.

What is SEO

Hearing about SEO & actually knowing what it is will help you see it as a marketing tool you need to use in your business.

Why SEO is important

Showing you why SEO is important is not just because “it can help your business as a marketing tool. But also based on how the internet works.

Keyword Research

This is where the work starts but where the long-term gain can be seen in your business. Many don’t like this part as it entails “work” which isn’t the most exciting part.

Keyword Management

The pre-work comes into play now. here’s where you start implementing.

ISO – Image Search Optimisation

Images are a visual way of capturing your audience’s attention. This lesson shows you how your images can help your content get seen.

Internal Linking

Showing you how more of your content can get seen by visitors while helping the search engines do their job quicker & easier. It’s a win-win.


Turn your website into an authority in the search engines eyes. That then helps you get seen by more people.

Site Submission

Site Submission – Helping various search engines & sites index your site and content quicker

Take this Free training & learn about SEO & Keywords?

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