Your content is what will be seen online to capture your ideal clients & customers. Your content needs to educate, entertain, inspire & connect. Thus helping you to presell your products & services for when they are ready to invest in what you offer. So until they are ready to invest you need to remember & this is why your content needs to flow online constantly even when you are not.

The 3 B’s blogging to boost your business is the only place you can back up your business on a personal level & share to your heart’s content. Look at your blog as the powerhouse, and build your business, share your personal qualities, & use your uniqueness to your blog’s advantage. Don’t just rely on having your content on OPP (other people platforms) to build & grow your business.

This FREE Marketing Kit ebook

In this Pre-Plan Marketing Kit You’ll Learn:

Part 1. Is about preparing your business information:

You will learn:

  • ✔️ The exact information you need to market your business, consistently
  • ✔️ Step by step how to promote your business without compromising on your message
  • ✔️ How to organize the whole process
  • ✔️ How to save time on tasks that would otherwise take longer
  • ✔️ My system to organize all the sites you have promoted to & all those vital details relating to them

Part 2 – The Backlink strategy, putting all part 1 pre-work into action

  • ✔️ You will be building backlinks, to help boost your business in the search engines
  • ✔️ While spreading your business all over the web.
  • ✔️ It’s an easy strategy to follow.
  • ✔️ A few minutes a day & that’s it

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The story behind the Pre-Plan Marketing Kit

In today’s competitive marketplace being visual is important. With so much depending on marketing your business you cannot afford not being everywhere that can potentially increase your business traffic. However all this extra effort takes time, this is where The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit comes into play.

The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit shows you exactly what you need in order to prepare your business message on who you are, what you do & where you do it. Then use the pre-work to promote your business, thus spreading your business all over the internet, while building awesome backlinks that will boost your website in the search engines.

The Pre-Plan Marketing Kit is the exact steps & strategies I used, along with SEO to help establish my Creative business on the 1st page of Google within 1 year. When I realised my process of marketing my businesses & how much time I was saving. I decided to create this very simple step by step process to share it with business owners like you.

The work I put in years ago is still working today. Meaning my site is still on page 1 of Google for my main keywords & many other keywords.

Plus here’s the best part, the older your website becomes the more Google & other search engines boost’s it in the search results.

Why? because your business is building trust from those linked to you via backlinks. Plus the number of years you have been online, means you are a serious business, here for the long term.

Download your FREE Pre-Plan Marketing Kit!

You will also be added to our email list. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your email is always secure

Ebook Praise

I am inspired by @janetwalkergi and her ebook aimed at creatives.

Pearletta Wilson @DivineChoice

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