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Banana Splits with Chocolate Sauce

Need a great quick banana split and chocolate sauce recipe, then read on:

This very quick and simple banana split recipe is great for the kids. We know how kids don't like to wait for food. Well this banana split with lovely chocolate sauce topping is the ideal snack to keep the kids quiet. Ok they’ll stay quiet while they are eating can’t promise nothing after that. Also so get the kids involved in making your banana splits. Simply get all the ingredients ready for them, sit back and just supervise. They will love the hands on approach of making their own banana split and chocolate sauce snack, and they will feel proud at what they have achieved.

OK, that's enough talking let's get creating this lovely banana splits and chocolate sauce recipe.


2 tablespoons of flaked toasted almonds
4 bananas
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
4 tablespoons of chocolate sauce


1 - Peel all 4 bananas and cut them in half length ways. Overlap 2 pieces of banana on each plate.
2 - Then place 1 scoop of ice cream on top of your bananas
3 - Pour over your chocolate sauce over and round the bananas and ice cream
4 - Finally scatter your almonds all over & Serve

Takes 10 minutes (unless the kids are making it :) - Serves 4

Tips or experimenting with your banana split and chocolate sauce:

• You can either buy ready made chocolate sauce or you could buy a medium to large bar of chocolate and slowly melt it on the hob. Leave it to cool first then use it

• Instead of almonds you could try raisins, currants or even small pieces of chopped fruit for the kids

• Try different favours of ice cream or even mix them

Enjoy eating banana split and chocolate sauce.

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