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Online vouchers, discount vouchers or shopping vouchers are money off promotions that many retailers use to attract new, regular and more customers to purchase their retail products or services.

From the consumer’s point of view, online vouchers are a great way to saving lots of money on everyday products or products or services you were going to purchase anyway.

Especially supermarket vouchers. Grocery shopping is a regular activity in any household. Having vouchers that can cut your grocery bill is a great help.

Where can I get these vouchers from? I hear you say. There are many websites that have the sole purpose of showcasing lots of retailers, on and offline that offer vouchers to be used for their products or services.

Another way of finding vouchers is via forums and blogs. Do a goggle search and experiment with words which relate to “saving money” or “spending less” or simply “forums and shopping vouchers”. You get the idea. These places are communities of people who all have the same goal to save money or spend less. In these communities people will share website links of places where they have seen a voucher for a product or service.

Keep in contact even become a member and share your findings to and you could save a lot of money for you will have many more eyes searching the net for all kinds of discount vouchers.

How do I use a voucher that is online?

Online vouchers can be used two ways. Both ways are very simple to do. So long as you have a computer and internet connection, which you should have already, for you are reading this article.

Some require you the user to print off the voucher (get a friend to print it for you if you do not have a printer, just email the link for the website) and take it to a participating store. Others give a code that can be used at the retailer’s website. There you the user enter’s the code at the retailers online checkout.

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