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Free Small Business Advertising

There’s more and more ways to advertise your business for free every day, plus being a small business keeping the costs down is very important. Having a small business myself finding all the possible ways to advertise for free is vital.

I have used many methods and still look for new ways. I thought I can’t be the only one doing this, so I put together what I have used what I have used and some which I have not used. I feel this will be just the beginning of me sharing ideas, tips andmore about free advertising, so this piece shares the beginnings of free advertising.

Let me point one thing out before I begin, the ways by which you advertise your business for free can be maintained, with the assistance of some imagination and creative thinking. However don’t forget to monitor your results, it’s all good and well advertising for free but if it is not benefiting your business then it’s just a waste of your time.

A business wanting to promote their product or services, can write articles associated their area of expertise. These can then be submitted to media and publications which focus on that particular area. The article could feature information about the business and the benefits your products or service offers or some general information about the area you are working in, then implement bits of your own business with the piece. Due to the fast increase in Internet users and websites, many websites also offer free services when it comes to promoting your businesses. Your articles can be submitted to these websites and they then broadcasted them for free on your behalf, which will be viewed by hundreds of people everyday. However remember to place your contact information at the bottom of the article, this way the reader will know how to take up your offers or enquire. This should include your name, a contact number or your website address.

Free classified ads are also a great way of promoting your product or service online. By doing a search for classified ad sites you will that there are loads of pages all dedicated to these websites. I would recommend using them all, for it can become time consuming. So choose between 10 - 15 or more if you can handle it. You will have to plan what you are going to write about your business. This is very different to an article where you are free to write as much or little as you like. Most classified ads have a word count between 25 - 30. Read the terms and condition before you start writing. With such a few number of words you have to get across your business product or service benefits clearly and straight away. If you have a promotion you could centre the ad on that. Most of these websites offer the option of uploading an image, this is good for quickly capturing the user’s interests.

However remember that when you first submit you add it will probably be on page one at the top, to keep this position you will have to keep resubmitting new ads or resubmit the one you used in the first place. Again most of these websites will email you and let you know when you need to resubmit your ad. It may become dull after a while but simply remember that it is not costing you anything only your time. Classifieds ads offline adhere to the same guidelines when it comes to the word count, except you are dealing with newspapers. The process of adding your ad is quite simple you can do this either online via their website or by ringing the contact number provided by the newspaper. However find out if placing an ad is free first before submitting yours because each newspaper has its own rules.

Free notice boards located in the neighbourhood, like in libraries and community centres are another effective idea. Using flyers or leaflets are best when it comes to bulk distribution because they can be handed out at shopping centres, bus stops, especially during weekends when there is a big rush. But before you do this contact your local council to see if it's ok, some may require a fee and if that’s the case leave it until you have some share funds to use. Plus don't for get student unions and common rooms. If your product or service is targeted to this audience add an incentive for students to latch onto, like a student discount or refer x amount of fellow students and get your product or service for half price.

Advertise your on all the printed material your business uses envelopes, boxes, business cards. Plus invent a few like postcards, greeting cards, bookmarkers if you cab print them off yourself then you are saving a lot of money. Send them to your existing customers, which will in turn keep you at the fore front of their mind.

Another free way is offering other small businesses free advertising via your business, while they advertise yours. Both parties come out winners and this is called joint venturing which can work on many levels.

The basic ingredient for advertising for free is imagination and research.

Happy Advertising.

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