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Share 30 Minutes a Day with me, for 5 Days, & I’ll show you how Small Actions can get people finding & connecting with your Creative,  Online Business, long-term & on auto-pilot.  This is for you even if you’re starting out in business, not a fan of social media, don’t like showing up 24/7, and get overwhelmed even frustrated with marketing

Join this FREE Quiet Traffic Challenge. To see everyday opportunities to use to your business advantage. Without the stress & overwhelm. Let’s put the fun back in sharing your business with the online world.

CHALLENGE STARTS on Monday 3rd May 2021 @ 8am UK Time


2021/05/02 23:59:00

Introducing The Quiet Traffic Challenge

I’m sharing 4 small traffic actions & broken them down into simple steps. So you can do them get passive traffic to your business. While getting seen in the most common places that are available online every day.

You’ll get access to simple actions that will seem like you are not doing any work. Plus you won’t have to touch them again so they continue to work in the background.

Over these 5 days, you’ll have videos, live streams, support & your questions answered. You will see that small focused actions can get you to market your business without having to show up’ all the time to achieve it. You’ll also realise that there are many everyday opportunities, that when looked at differently can help your business get seen.

One reason I created this challenge is to show you that there are so many ways to market your business without a lot of effort. Another reason is that if you don’t like or want to show up 24 7 social media isn’t the only way to be seen.  Are you a fellow introvert in business? As a creative & introvert, I know it can be tough wanting to get your business seen yet your introverted ways can get in the way. This challenge turns your introvertedness into the superpower it’s meant to be.

Marketing your business should be a fun, enjoyable process & not an unpleasant chore you try to avoid. Let me share these quiet traffic ways with you so you can get the exposure your business deserves.

Here’s a little inside peek

A fun challenge sharing simple Traffic Methods that can help drive passive traffic to your business over time on auto-pilot.

✔️You’ll learn how to use your communication with the online world to get more traffic without a sales pitch. This will show you the missed opportunities in the past & focus you on the potential ahead.

✔️You’ll learn how to use this visual element to help your business get marketed by complete strangers. You will then be able to rinse & repeat the process.

✔️You’ll be surprised by places you probably already use that have opportunities for you to help others & in turn, bring attention to your business.

✔️ Learn how to put some coins in your pocket by helping others all because you happen to be a business owner doing what you love.

► By the end of the week, you’ll have set in place some small simple traffic methods that will work for you over time. You’ll find it easy, fun & an eye-opener that you’ll want to add more Quiet Traffic methods to the list of ways you market your business online.

► You’ll be given exclusive access to a private challenge members-only Facebook group, along with everyone else taking part in the challenge.

► Every day I’ll share one Quiet Traffic method in the group for you to complete.

► Each task can be done in about 30 minutes, if it takes a little longer no worries. I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have. Plus you’ll meet some new like-minded business owners too.

Hosted By: Janet Walker

CHALLENGE STARTS on Monday 3rd May 2021 @ 8am UK Time


2021/05/02 23:59:00